What are the most expensive NFTs ever sold?

What are the most expensive NFTs ever sold?

Non-fungible tokens have grown more popular than ever over the past few months. The value has gone up considerably over the past few years and it has caught many people’s attention. Let’s talk about the most expensive NFTs ever sold as of January 2022.

When you look at NFTs growth over the past two years, people were challenged with understanding identification codes and metadata that differentiate them from each other. Unlike Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, NFTs are usually products mainly like artworks, in-game items, or music.

Most NFT fans love to talk about the value of the product and how the blockchain can support them. While the Ethereum blockchain houses many cryptocurrencies including the flagship Ether, NFTs have become a vital part of the system especially for newcomers who are asking the question, ‘how can you earn money with NFTs?’, because it helps the market grow.

Now, some people have made huge investments in this industry. If you are looking for some exciting passive income, NFT is an exciting option. Now, let’s talk about some of the expensive NFTs that have been sold to highlight the ceiling that this product can reach.

Beeple’s Crossroad – $6.6 million

When you look at Beeple’s Crossroad, you will notice that it’s a short 10-second clip where it depicts people walking past a large, fallen body. If you look past face value, the body is representing former United States President Donald Trump who lost in the 2020 elections to the now-incumbent leader, Joe Biden.

Since he was a divisive leader ever since he started his stint in the White House, this was a representation of how people felt about him during and after his presidency. The body is riddled with insults which makes it an even more thought-provoking art piece.

Michael Winkelmann is the artist known as Beeple and he is well known for creating comical art that centres on political and social commentary. This was one of his big hits because some people love to rag on Trump for his reputation.

CryptoPunk #7523 – $11.75 million

CryptoPunk NFTs are considered by many as the original NFTs because of their longevity and value. Back in 2017, two developers named Matt Hall and John Watkinson from Larva Labs studio created pixel art images of ‘misfits and eccentrics’.

With 10,000 of these pieces, they have special personalities sprinkled on these art pieces. Since there is only a limited number, you can expect the value to shoot up considering its reputation. Among the high-value NFTs all over the world, CryptoPunk pieces are always near the top of the table.

The highest-valued piece is #7523 because of its design. It is a simple pixel art of a blue person that has an orange beanie, a bold earring, and most importantly, a face mask. Since COVID-19 has been a problem, this CryptoPunk art became an icon for NFT fans because they see it as a representation of what’s going on in the world.

Beeple’s Everydays: the First 5000 Days – $69.3 million

As an artist, Beeple is widely respected for his work especially in the NFT space. He has created some beautiful art over the years and he is not planning to stop anytime soon. His Everydays: the First 5000 Days is his highest-value art piece valued at around $69.3 million.

This was such an awesome piece because it has a good backstory. Back in 2007, Beeple pledged to create one piece of art every day. This art piece is the result because it is essentially a collage of 5000 of the art pieces that he made over the years.

That takes a lot of work because 5000 days is the equivalent of 13 years which means that Beeple truly created pieces every single day.

Pak’s The Merge – $91.8 million

In December 2021, Pak’s The Merge officially became the most expensive NFT ever sold. This is the only NFT that has multiple owners because of its value. When you look at the art piece, it is rather simple but since Pak is the artist behind this, you can expect that this value is high.

This shows that when people ask ‘how can you earn money with NFTs?’, you need to look for some high-value pieces that can become higher in value. It will take some foresight and good artistic sense so you can succeed with your investments.

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