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Want to read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments? Here’s how to do it

Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments
Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments:

Reddit is a goldmine of information that one can browse every day to gain information, If you also love and browse Reddit every day, you may encounter deleted or deleted comments and posts. Now, most of the time they don’t bother, however, if there is a conversation thread referring to that comment, we feel that we should read the comment to understand what is going on. Sometimes, I wonder why the comment or post was deleted. Well, while there are no obvious ways to retrieve those comments, you can take a few steps to find deleted comments and posts. So, in this article, we are going to show you how to read deleted reddit posts and comments.

Read deleted reddit posts and comments

We are going to use various online websites and services where it is possible to find deleted reddit comments and posts. Remember, these methods do not always work, so you should check them to see which ones work best for specific posts you want to read. Let’s jump right in

  • Use Ceddit read deleted comments on Reddit

If a post is still live, and you want to read deleted comments on the post, the best tool you can use is Ceddit. It is basically an online Reddit client, which allows you to browse Reddit in its custom interface. When you load a post in Ceddit, it automatically finds all deleted comments and highlights them in red. This makes it easier to find and read deleted comments.

Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

Ceddit is also very easy to use. The “r” in “” needs to be replaced with “c” so that it becomes “”. For example, if you have a post with a similar URL:

Replacing “R” with “c”:

As you can see, Ceddit is very easy to use and can capture most deleted comments. So, use it now to see if you can find deleted comments on Reddit.

  • For deleted posts, use Removeddit

You can use Removeddit to read deleted posts. The first is to visit the RemoveReddit webpage and search for the post you are looking for. The second method is to replace “reddit” with “ removeddit” in the URL of the post. So, if the following is a deleted post link on Reddit then take the example above:

By replacing “Reddit” with the “removeddit” link, it looks like this:

Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

If you find it difficult to change the URL method, you can install the Removeddit’s Bookmark tool. Add it to your browser and click on it Reddit Post that is deleted, the bookmark works fascinatingly and has not failed me yet.

  • Use the WaybackMachine to find deleted posts and comments

WaybackMachine Machine is an Internet archiving service that takes snapshots of Internet web pages and caches them, so you can find anything that has been deleted. It was created to preserve the history of the Internet so that people can come back in time to see what the Internet is like on certain dates. The good thing is, you can use this tool to read deleted posts and comments. Since the website saves every day screenshot, it is more likely to find the deleted post you have been looking for.

Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

The WaybackMachine machine is very easy to use. Open the website and copy and paste the link to the Reddit post you want to see. The website provides you with a calendar interface that you can use to get back in time. Deciding which date, you should check is easy. Find the tag ” Deleted x days ago” on the comment or post and substract those days to get the original date. If you do not calculate the exact date you will have to go back and forth for one or more days, so keep that in mind.

Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

One of the benefits of using a WaybackMachine is that you can not only read the deleted comment, but also see any edits made before deleting that comment. Go back one day and see if any other version of the comment has been posted. Yes, it takes time, but if you want to check a deleted comment, this is the best way to do it.

  1. Use Resavr to read deleted reddit comments

Resavr is a great tool for finding and reading deleted reddit comments. There’s one catch that it only saves comments longer than 650 characters. According to the website, if a comment is useful it will satisfy some length and its worth agreeing on that Mostly, because the service ensures that all comments over 650 characters are saved. This is a great resource for finding deleted comments.

Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

The website is very easy to use. On the homepage, you will find a list of recently deleted comments. There is a search bar at the top to search for deleted comments with post title. When you see a deleted comment, Resavr will show you the day the comment was posted and how long it took to delete it. You can use this information in conjunction with the WaybackMachine machine to learn more about the comment.

Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

So, were you able to find the comment you were looking for? Or you have a better to than the ones mentioned above? Tellus in the comment section below.

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