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2 Tools From PDFBear That Will Make Your File Format Modification Task Easier


There are many reasons why people use PDF as their file format. PDFs cannot be altered. Hence, your file’s content is safe when it is in PDF format. However, it would be best to make your file format modification task easier if you had a tool. One of the tools that you can surely rely on is the PDFBear. Check out the steps of these awesome tools made by PDFBear:

Easy File Conversion Tool

Having a PDF file bears both advantages and disadvantages. When you have a document that needs to be printed immediately, you need to convert your file into a PDF file so that your file’s format will not be changed upon printing. That counts as an advantage of having a PDF file format.

Unlike MS Word document format, PDF files cannot be altered even if you use different versions. However, if you are assigned to remove a certain word or a paragraph, you cannot do that when using a PDF file. An ideal way of solving that problem is by converting your PDF file into an editable file format such as Word document format.

If you are in dire need of converting your PDF file, you have to look for a tool that would alleviate that task. One of the most easy-to-use web-based tools is the PDFBear. With its PDF to Doc file conversion tool, transforming your Word document file will be an easy task. PDFBear will surely lighten things up with its straightforward procedures.

The initial steps involved in converting your PDF file are selecting the PDF file from your laptop or any other device and placing it in PDFBear’s tool. After that, you need to let PDFBear do the rest of the task. It will analyze and convert your PDF file into a Word document file in the fastest possible way.

The process will likely last for less than a minute if you have a strong internet connection. Once the conversion is finished, start downloading your newly converted file. You can also try to convert your PDF file into other file formats and vice-versa. PDFBear truly made it a lot easier for you to convert your file.

How To Protect Your PDF File

Almost everyone experienced the trouble of having unauthorized access to one’s social media account. It is an alarming event since some social media accounts contain valuable information such as addresses and other essential pieces of information. In whatever context, security must always be prioritized.

Similarly, when other people read your file’s essential content, you would probably be mad. To eliminate this problem, you need to increase your PDF file’s protection by encrypting a password to it. To do that, you need a reliable web-based tool to alleviate your task in placing a password to your PDF file.

One tool that guarantees you the best result is the PDFBear. To start the process, you have to choose a PDF file from your device and drop it in PDFBear’s system. Once done, you can now type your desired password. However, you must follow the protocols in encrypting a password for your PDF file.

The password of your PDF file must contain at least nine characters with alpha-number characters. It must also come with upper and lower cases. This protocol was made to add more security to your file’s password. Also, PFBear uses a 256-Bit encryption method to showcase the best results.

Once the password is approved, PDFBear will do the job. It will start analyzing and encrypting a password to your PDF file. Once done, click the link and download your newly encrypted PDF file. Thanks to PDFBear, placing a password to a PDF file has been this doable.

Security And Privacy

The internet is not always a safe place. Once you use a tool in alleviating your file format modification task, your file’s data will be part of the tool’s database. If your file contains several confidential pieces of information, then it wouldn’t be safe.

But, when you are using PDFBear, it is guaranteed that your files are in safe hands. PDFBear deletes your file an hour after your transaction. This method was formulated to ensure that hackers cannot steal your file’s content. With this, you can be sure that your file’s data is available for you only.


Converting and encrypting a password to a PDF file has been this easy when using PDFBear. If you need other tools to help you with your file format modification task, you can check PDFBear’s website for more features. Check it out now!

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