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err_cache_miss how to fix this in chrome?


Err_cache_miss will be described in detail. When using Chrome, users can encounter many types of errors for different reasons. In this article, err_cache_miss, as the name suggests, is an error related to cached data. Before understanding the causes and methods to fix this particular error, let’s look at the cache and its function in the browser.

 How does the cache system work in Chrome?

The cache component is titled HTTP Cache or Shared Cache in the Chrome browser. When browsing or visiting various websites or pages, you will remember the cached data in the memory built by the browser. Chrome will continue to save specific data when browsing the Internet, such as images, JavaScript, or website information. The purpose is to help users have a better experience. The cache in the browser can enable faster and more efficient browsing by retrieving the data in its memory.

When users revisit the same website or need to upload a downloaded file, they will immediately retrieve the required data. The cache allows faster and easier loading. Chrome does not need to download the same data, images or files repeatedly.

 What is err_cache_miss?

Google Chrome users can find the image err_cache_miss. The provided image informs the user that there is a problem with the cached data. Users of other browsers have also reported the same issue. Firefox users often say they received an ERR_CACHE_MISS message in the Firefox window with the title Document Expired.

 Why does ERR_CACHE_MISS appear?

Several factors can cause the error err_cache_miss. It may be due to:

  • The fault of the website developer – Most of the time, it is the fault of the website developer. This error can be caused by a lousy coding element or a problem with the PHP developer.
  • Google Chrome Settings – This issue can also occur due to incorrect settings. Google Chrome settings may need to be adjusted.
  • Corrupted documents: Corrupted documents, errors, or corrupted extensions can also cause this cache error.
  • Google Chrome is ineffective: Sometimes Google Chrome does not work correctly due to a slow internet connection or other online problems. As a result, Google Chrome was unable to load the page and showed a lack of cache.

 How to fix err_cache_miss?

No matter the cause of the err_cache_miss errors, it would be best to resolve them. As discussed above, there can be several causes that can contribute to finding the error. There are some simple and effective methods to fix this out of cache error. Check out the leading solutions and working methods:

Refresh Google Chrome out of cache message may appear on the browser screen because you are using an outdated version of the browser or your Chrome needs the latest update. To update Google Chrome, follow the steps indicated:

  • Go to settings and select on About Chrome
  • Chrome will automatically check for updates when necessary.
  • After the operation is completed, restart Google Chrome for a better experience.

If updating Google Chrome doesn’t fix the error, read the other solutions below.

Step 1: Refresh or reload the webpage

Due to internet issues, error messages may also appear on the Chrome screen. Users may experience problems due to a slow Internet connection or stop the Internet for some time without realizing it. A slow or interrupted Internet connection may interrupt page loading or cache data retrieval. Therefore, it will cause the error err_cache_miss.

You can solve this problem by reloading the webpage or updating the webpage. Reloading or refreshing the web page can usually solve the cache leak problem.

Step 2: File corruption in Chrome

It can frequently happen that Chrome collects corrupted or unwanted documents or files in its history and starts displaying err_cache_miss messages. To avoid this message, the user must delete the corrupted file by clearing the browser history.

When users choose to clear browsing data, it is best to delete cookies, cache, and all browsing data for a better experience. If such a cache error occurs due to file corruption, it may disappear after performing the above operation.  As shown in the figure above, the historical time range is displayed. The user must select all-time data to avoid errors.

 Disable the cache

The exact and absolute solution to the error outside the cache is to disable the cached data in the browser. Follow the instructions to solve the problem:

  • Go to more tools in settings.
  • Click on Developer Tools
  • Select the network and disable caching of data.

To use this repair method, you need to open the developer tools on a web page that often displays cache errors.

Since you will disable caching of data, you will no longer display all cache errors on the screen. Chrome extensions are disabled. Users often install extensions from unknown or unreliable sources, causing cache errors. Your browser may encounter this error when one of the installed extensions is damaged. To solve this problem, the user must delete the damaged extension.

  • Go to settings and go to extensions.
  • Deactivate or delete the damaged extension.

If the buffer overflow error stops occurring, it is because the extension is corrupted. If the issue is yet not resolved, kindly try any other methods provided in the article.


Users of Chrome and other browsers face many types of cache errors. The most common method is to disable the caching system in the browser.

Using the Internet is complicated on the one hand and easier on the other. Through the many repair methods provided online and set up, the complication becomes relaxation.

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