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What should you know about replacing the windows?


There are times when we consider replacing the windows of our homes which can be due to many reasons like when the old ones are damaged; they are not noise proof, they don’t enhance the look of your house, etc. Replacing windows is an expensive business that includes not only the price of the windows but also the installation cost. In order to get the job done nicely, it is important to hire good window manufacturers and installers.

Repair or replace?

Whether to go with repair or replacement of the windows is a difficult decision to make. It is most likely that most homeowners will pick replacement over repair as the cost of a new window can be around $650 per window, and if you are planning to get window replacement Calgary for the entire house, the cost can even go up.

The repair can be a better choice in such a case, but repair is not always possible, especially with the modern Vinyl windows. Older windows were easy to fix as they were single-pane windows. On the contrary, double, triple pane windows are more difficult to repair.

When to get your windows replaced?

Foggy windows – Foggy windows and doors in Calgary are the result of the condensation of the water inside the window’s double or triple-paned IGU. Modern windows have IGU that, unlike old multi-paned windows, have sealed and permanent IGUs. It is difficult to disassemble an IGU and rebuild it; even a competent technician cannot do it. So foggy windows need a complete replacement. However, foggy windows can also be fixed, and it is done by drilling the small holes in the glass and removing the moist air present in the IGU, then sealing the glass again. But there are very few companies doing this, and it is more practical to replace the window or sash.

Structural damage – Due to regular wear and tear, the outer structure of the window starts to fall, and that is when you should seriously consider getting a new window. In some cases, even the surrounding area may also be damaged like siding, house sheathing, insulation studs, etc. In such a case, you will need a new construction window rather than a replacement.

Water leakage – Water infiltration around the window means that your window casing has gone bad. It is an issue with your exterior as a whole. However, if water is coming inside from the window, then it’s time to get a new window.

Broken Mullions in IGUs – Glass panes are separated by small pieces of wood called Muntins and Mullions. Once they are broken, they cannot be replaced. However, the best part is that they don’t affect the functionality of the window.

Replacement can be done in two ways – when the original framing is in good condition, you can get the window replaced in the original opening while replacing the side jambs, sashes, and trim. If the old frame is severely damaged or out of shape, a new construction window needs to be installed, which can cost almost double the amount of the replacement window.

When to get your windows repaired?

Broken glass – When the glass of a window is broken, it needs to be repaired due to safety and visual acuity reasons. Single pane windows can be repaired easily and inexpensively.

When a multi-paned glass window is broken, you should look for a sash replacement. However, if your window is showing many problems, it is time to get it to replace entirely.

Stuck sashes –One of the commonest problems of older windows is that lower or upper sashes cannot move and are stuck. This could be due to the multiple layers of the paint joining the sash and frames together. When it is getting difficult to raise the sashes, the culprit may usually be broken cords. When the spring may have failed to work, the spring-type sashes stop working.

Missing drip cap – The drip cap is the exterior shield in the window, which is easy to repair. Rust-free aluminum drip caps can be bought from anywhere and then placed with the help of a nail.

Poor window casing – A loose, rotting, or missing exterior casing doesn’t look good and can also cause the window to damage. The wood exterior casing is also common in homes which can be easily replaced with the new casing. However, one point to note is that primed wood is not weather resistant, and it needs to be painted with exterior grade paint as soon as possible after its installation.

Like most home repair work, a broken window is more than an aesthetic problem. It is important that you get it fixed as soon as possible by hiring window companies in Calgary.

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