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Trendy Tubs to Renovate Your Bathroom – 2023

Trendy Tubs

There’s nothing as relaxing as having a hot bath after an exhausting day at work. But then, it is an even better experience when your bathroom is comfortable. This is possible if you have the right equipment in your bathroom, such as a modern, top-quality, and luxury bathtub.

It all starts with finding the best bathtub when remodeling your bathroom. Various types of tubs exist, including freestanding tubs and many others. To help you find the best pick for your bathroom, we have compiled some of 2021’s trendiest tubs of various types that you can consider.

Let’s get started.

  • American Standard 32″x52″ Value Series Walk-in Whirlpool Bathtub

This modern tub is the true definition of luxury in the bathroom. You walk into it instead of climbing over the rim like regular tubs. This makes it an excellent pick for people with impaired mobility. It also comes with a grab bar and a textured floor to prevent slipping and injuries.

Another thing that makes it unique is the built-in water heater. It features massage jets that American Standard designed to target your legs and back. All these features contribute to the comfort that has made many homeowners prefer this tub. It is rightly said to be one of the best among walk-in tubs.


  • Vanity Art VA6815 Bordeaux 59 in. Freestanding Bathtub

You can’t create a trending tubs list without including at least a freestanding tub. This is because many homeowners are finding freestanding tubs modern and elegant. That’s why the Vanity Art tub features on this list, as many people pick it after narrowing down on the massive collection of freestanding tubs.

Vanity Art beats many tubs with its sleek design and massive length. Although it comes in two sizes, even the small one can comfortably accommodate a tall person. It doesn’t come with a built-in faucet which can be excellent for DIYs. You can customize it with freestanding tub accessories of your choice.

  • MAYKKE Bel 67″ Modern Oval Acrylic Bathtub

MAYKKE made this tub to bring a relaxing feeling to your bathroom. Its modern aesthetics make it look beautiful and will transform your bathroom after remodeling. It is spacious enough to allow you to enjoy your relaxation time without feeling squeezed in a small space. With tubs, the more spacious the more comfortable it is, especially for adults.

It comes with a built-in overflow valve that ensures your bathroom doesn’t flood in your absence. This tub also has an elegant freestanding design. It is simple but will fascinate you with how it complements the rest of your décor. But then, the only downside is that you won’t massage yourself with it since it doesn’t have jets.

  • Ove Decors Rachel Freestanding Soaking Acrylic Bathtub

This will be an excellent pick for you if you are looking for a deep tub. It has a large capacity compared to most of the tubs discussed in this article. That means it can hold a lot of water and allow you enough soaking depth. This will elevate your experience if you enjoy spending time in deep waters.

The freestanding design of this tub is another excellent feature. It can make a statement in small or big bathrooms and match perfectly with any other décor in your bathroom. It features an overflow drain and comes with a 25-year warranty. You also can customize it since it ships faucet-free.

  • ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool Bathtub

The comfort that comes with this bathtub is unmatched. Imagine playing your favorite music on the tub by connecting it with your phone via Bluetooth. This is what the ARIEL platinum tub offers you. It has an LCD screen that allows you to control the speaker and the AM/FM radio functionalities that are also available.

This tub comes with a built-in waterfall faucet and LED lighting to color the falling water. It’s also quite large and can accommodate 91 gallons of water. You can massage with it, thanks to the 14 air jets that it features. The large capacity means that two people can enjoy soaking in it simultaneously.

  • Alfi Brand Wood Freestanding Bathtub

This freestanding tub features on this list because of its durability. That’s what’s making it popular among builders and homeowners today. Its solid wooden build makes it last for long, guaranteeing you value for your money. Besides, it comes with a generous size that can accommodate a tall person.

The Alfi Brand Wood tub also comes with a detachable wooden seat. It also features a complimentary wooden hanging basket that makes it one of the best modern tubs. Being a wooden tub, you may consider it if you love rustic designs in your home. It is the best among these tubs to bring an earthy feeling to your space.

  • Ancona Harlow Freestanding Clawfoot Bathtub

Another freestanding tub that you should consider is the Ancona Harlow. It is one of the best choices for people working on tight budgets. This is because its price is surprisingly low compared to its features and the value it can bring. It has a sleek design, comes with decorated clawfoot, and looks modern.

It comes with enough capacity to accommodate a single person. Besides, it features a built-in overflow that prevents water from spilling over to the floor. It doesn’t come with a built-in faucet like some tubs above. As discussed earlier, this allows you to customize it with your best freestanding tub accessories.


As mentioned before, there’s a massive variety of tubs available in the market. An excellent example of one trendy type of tub you can pick is the modern freestanding tub. But even with freestanding tubs, there are many options to consider. However, it will help to keep factors like brand and price in mind.

This article has simplified your search by exploring trending options among homeowners. Your choice of a tub should match the rest of your home décor. This will ensure that your bathroom looks modern and comfortable. Take your time to choose the best from the tubs on this list, and you won’t regret it.

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