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Carpet Removal : DIY vs. Hire Professionals

Carpet Removal

No matter how good the carpet in your home is, it reaches a point where you have to remove it. The carpet wears out after a number of years. It accumulates dirt that no amount of cleaning can refurbish. One can choose to remove the carpet on their own. Alternatively, they can choose to hire the services of a professional through a service company software or a WordPress booking system. And you’ll probably need a carpet removal company like Jiffy Junk to help you out. This is if you decide to choose the professionals’ way of removal.

Carpet removal is a process that needs planning and the right tools. Tools for it are easily available at the local stores near you. If one chooses the services of professional removal service, then that is perhaps the best way. You will not have to worry about all the work. Or even how the carpet will be disposed of after the removal.

However, removing the carpet on your own surely does come with its advantages.

Advantages of DIY Carpet Removal

Saves on Costs

Removing the carpet on your own is definitely a way of saving money. Let’s face it, a lot of people are having financial problems that hiring a professional seems to be an added budget item for them. Homeowners will prefer to have a professional installation. Then later save on removal by doing the work by themselves. We have tutorials online that can guide you on how to remove the carpet when you are ready.

Carpet Removal


Once you have the right tools for removal, then it becomes very convenient for you. This means that you can remove the carpet anytime you are willing to. You don’t need to have a scheduled day or time. Be free to do it whenever you please. You will find at times that you need a professional to help you out. But when you try to book them, you find that their schedules are full. In this case, where you choose to do the removal by yourself, it means you will be your own boss and work within your timing.

Advantages of Hiring Professionals for Carpet Removal

Health Benefits

It’s a process that entails a lot of dirt and dust. One needs to be extremely careful during this especially if you are allergic to dust. When you hire professionals, they come well-equipped with their protective gear and ensure they do the work in a careful and safe way. This ensures the safety of everyone. No dust spreads to the other rooms during the operation. The professionals also ensure that you and your family are not anywhere close to the room when the work is being done. This keeps you safe from allergens.


Let’s face it, hiring a professional is the best way to get rid of that old carpet. They are well-trained in their line of work and actually know what they are doing. This is because they have been doing this for years. They know how each carpet is installed and the best way to remove it from your home without causing any damage to your floors. By hiring the skills of a professional, it means that you will be working with an experienced crew. Hence, you will be getting their wealth of knowledge in carpet removal.

Saves Time

By hiring professionals, it means that you get your carpet off the floor without wasting any time on the removal process. Overall, it’s a stressful process that requires a lot of techniques. As a homeowner, you might be working on a schedule. Therefore, the carpet removal process may end up taking a lot of your time. The best way to save this time is by hiring the skills of a professional to handle the task.

Carpet Removal


By hiring the services of a professional, you get to actually save money. Buying tools needed for removal is expensive. Especially if you have to deal with a glued-down carpet. You will not be able to find the solvents easily at your local store. By hiring professional carpet removers, you get to save yourself the trouble and finances of going down the store, buying the items, and then coming back to do the work on your own. It is tiresome and costly.

When you hire the services of a professional carpet removal crew, they get to come with their removal tools and do the work in a couple of hours. Work that you could have taken up to two days to finish up. They also leave your floor clean and sparkling. Ready for another installation, unless you choose to change the flooring to plywood or just concrete.

Final Thoughts On Carpet Removal

Having compared DIY carpet removal and hiring professionals, we suggest that you choose the latter. Hiring professional experts will help you get rid of an old carpet easily.

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