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7 Stages of Home Construction Process

Home Construction
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A house is one of the most considerable investments. The new home construction process involves various unknown stages, which can be overwhelming, especially if you are unsure where to start. So, before making an informed decision about getting a customized future home, it is vital to understand the entire construction process.

Step by Step Guide For New Home Construction

There are various stages to track to ensure the successful completion of a building home construction project, which is considered a long and demanding process. The project may vary based on the size, the number of people involved, the budget, and the deadline.


Fortunately, the digital and management processes of various phases of home construction projects are now easy to handle and have greater accuracy. Besides, the valuable data collected from the field plays a vital role in uniformity and improvement of the future construction process. To learn more about home designs be sure to visit Carlisle Homes.

When you plan to construct your home, there are seven stages you should know before beginning the process.

Stage #1: Conception

This initial stage starts with the buyer. However, the stage where the buyers’ dreams and research for the right plot, ideas, and specifications begins. The stage one can vary based on the project. It can take a couple of days to a few weeks or months or more for the compilation of the project. Needless to say that construction workers at this stage don’t have much to do since the things are to be handled by the project owners.

Stage #2. Design

Once you are clear about your project’s conception, it is time to bring your vision into a suitable model. You still don’t have any specific thing to guarantee at this initial stage. Nevertheless, it is the beginning of the bidding process.


The team liable for design will need to ensure that each specific state regulations and codes meet apropos’ vision under the direction of an engineer or an architect. The team will also want to ensure that the result of the construction is usable. Stage 2 can be divided into four steps.

1). Programming & Practicability – This step involves outlining each goal and objective of your residential construction project. Make decisions like about the size of your house or building, usable space, number of rooms you need to have, etc.

2). Comprehensive Blueprint – It is a sketch that showcases the design of your space with the inclusive of colors, textures, and material to use.

3). Design Development – The blueprint will be useful while preparing design development. It helps explore the usable materials and equipment required for the construction and the amount you will need to pay out to buy or rent.

4). Contract Documents – Now, this is the final step that consists of final drawings and specifications. Contract documents are essential for those bidders who will be working on your project.

Stage #3. Pre-Construction

Once the bidding process gets over, and you hire a reliable residential construction contractor to handle your project, a project team will be arranged. The project team involves the project manager, field engineer, superintendent, contract administrator, and health and safety manager.


Before starting the project, the team will initially prepare the construction site. The prime responsibility of this team will be to visit the field and do a complete site examination. It will help the team to predict any environmental issues that can emerge during the ongoing process.

Stage #4. Procurement

The project team in this stage will order the required amount of workforce, materials, and equipment. Based on the size of the project, the resources available, and the selected start date, it can be more or less complicated. Many big and established construction services providers have a purchasing department.

Indeed, in such a case, the company will get all the required resources for numerous projects. Usually handled by general contractors, but at times you can also have subcontractors for certain parts.

However, the subcontractors can sign their workers or get the materials by themself to ensure that they are using the precise things needed to finish their part of the duty successfully.

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Stage #5: Hiring Professionals

Constructing a new house is a daunting task. It is not a DIY process. It would be best if you have the helping hands of various professionals to make sure that your home is structurally sound and safe once the construction is over, follows local code, and fits your needs. Here’s the list of professionals you will need while constructing your home.

  1. Residential Builder – Your project success hugely lies on the builder you hire. However, choose a professional who owns a valid license. Don’t overlook the portfolio of custom homes constructed by the name. The someone you hire should also have recent success stories to narrate.
  2. Architect – You will require architectural plans while applying for the permits. Discuss the size of your house, the number of bedrooms you want in your new home, layout, functionality, stories, etc. with the architect before he/she prepares the blueprints.
  3. Interior Designer – You may need a professional to give your house the mesmerizing look once the framing and structural elements are done. From flooring to tiles to fixtures, an interior designer can come up with ultimate ideas that can completely surprise you. House interior can be done by yourself. You can buy home fixtures from the best manufactures such as allorausa.com for top-quality sinks, faucets, & strainers at competitive prices.
  4. Stucco Contractors – Stucco is a sort of wall coating that is similar to the features of plaster. Plaster siding is another name of stucco. It is one of the most used and oldest construction materials. Just take a look around, you will find various stucco homes with attractive walls and lively colors. However, hiring one of the best stucco contractors Milton is equally important while constructing a new house.
  5. Electrician and Plumber: Apart from the architect, designers you also need help from a professional electrician in Barwon Heads to secure all the electricity connections in your newly constructed house. Plumber from Ashburton will fix all the taps and faucets of your choice and it will enhance the look of your bathroom and kitchen to the next level.

You may also need someone to play the role of the supervisor, land cleaning team, inspector, and surveyor.

Stage #6. Construction

Before initiating the project, a pre-construction meeting is vital to ensure that all steps are taken care of and accomplished correctly. The meeting should end up with precise information about accessing the job site, quality control, storage space to secure all materials, and daily working hours.

Each professional should have a specific working schedule that may vary based on their role. Bad planning at this stage can lead to ongoing issues, massive delays, and an overrun budget.

Once the meeting ends, the first step of the construction can begin. It is essential to plan everything carefully, so nothing goes wrong.

Stage #7. Post-Construction

Once the project gets over, there still are a few steps to consider before getting the keys. This final stage of residential construction can be divided into three crucial steps.

  1. Inspecting the entire construction to check nothing is missed or overlooked
  2. Take over the home once you feel safe and have sufficient time to examine the equipment, materials, systems, etc. installed.
  3. Signing the contractual agreement and precisely making sure that the project is relieved from any legal burden.

At the End

Constructing a new customized home is indeed a complicated process. It can take months or years to complete based on the permit-approval method, location, complications, size of the house, etc.

Another easy way you can consider is to buy an already constructed home with all the necessary fixtures and features available.

If required, you can opt for an exterior stucco contractor in Toronto or the surrounding area, stucco repair, or get a fresh and updated feel without having to undergo months-long construction.

Whether you buy an already constructed new house or build a customized one, it is ideal to do a final walkthrough. Find out if there is any fixture, feature, space to repair, or missed.

Some of the essential items include ruinous drywall and paint, missing installations, and electrical faults like non- or poorly functioning outlets. Before you move in, the entire space should be complete.

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