Are vegetarians healthier in the long run


Let me first clear you, who are vegetarians? What are their types? Do

they live longer? We will then be taking a few facts to decide if vegetarians are healthier in the long run.

Vegetarians are those who mainly focus on plant-derived products. Vegetarians follow their a special diet, which includes vegetable Fruits, Peas, grain, etc.

Many people who follow a vegetarian diet have a great tendency to eat high proportions of healthy food, plant-derived food that provides antioxidants and high fiber.

Types of Vegetarian Meals:

Vegetarians are divided into their classes based on what they consume or eat. All Vegetarian Meals or diets are not the same. One Should Note there are types of Vegetarian meals that one can eat.

Some of them shown below:

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: Ones who eat no meat, poultry, or fish but do eat eggs and dairy

products (food products that are produced from milk).That is what most of us mean when

we say " Vegetarian" In Today’s World, Peoples of this Type are found more.

Lacto-Vegetarian: Ones eats no meat, poultry, fish, or eggs, but does eat dairy products

(food products that are produced from milk).

Ovo-Vegetarian: Ones who eat no meat, poultry, fish, or Dairy Products (food products that

are produced from milk) but do eat eggs.

Vegan: Ones who eats only plant-derived foods. No Dairy Products (food products that are

produced from milk), No meat products.

Flexitarian: Ones who eat plant-derived foods with occasional meat products. These people

try their best to reduce the intake of meat products. They have nearly plant-based meals.

But technically speaking, they are not considered as Vegetarians. This is also called the Semi-Vegetarian diet.

Do Vegetarians live longer? Or it’s only a myth?

Many people say that non-vegetarian have more variety than vegetarian, which is mainly

based on plant-derived products other than meat products. It’s not only about the type. For years vegetarian food is considered lower in comparison to non-vegetarian food. You often debate with your friends between Non-vegetarians and Vegetarians about their benefits and their impact on your body.

Generally, you have listened to your Non-vegetarian friend saying that vegetarians don’t have many varieties to eat. They have meat in their range, which provides better nutrition to their body. I personally experienced it.

Now it’s time to show them how vegetarian food can make our body healthy and active.

Vegetarians claim that they are much healthier than Non-vegetarians in the long run because they do not eat flesh.

But there many reasons to promote ‘Vegetarianism.’:

Comprehensive research into the nutritional capacity of Vegetarian meals shows that a well-planned diet can provide all the nutrients needed for good health and also in the long run.


Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

It provides healthy nutrition to the body to fight against certain diseases. It’s been found that vegetarians have a lower risk of getting any heart disease as compared to Non-Vegetarians. It’s also found that Vegetarians have lower risks for overweight, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and eye cataract.

The study involved equal no’s of Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians, with each of them has their regular diet for three years. Researchers compared their metabolism rates, cholesterol levels. They found that Vegetarians had lower cholesterol levels and higher metabolism rate compared to Non-vegetarians. A Vegetarian diet contains specific nutrition, which provides a healthier life.

Some fantastic benefits of Vegetarian food:

Lifespan: There are many factors you have heard about increasing lifespan. One thing you can do to improve your life is to start following a vegetarian diet. The more you eat plant-derived products like fruits, vegetables, lesser toxins will be developed in your body. Thus more good years will be waiting for you.

Improves Metabolism: It’s easy for people to digest vegetarian food to keep

their metabolism in the best state. People with a Vegetarian diet have large RMR (Resting Metabolism Rate). Higher the RMR, the more quickly it burns the body fat and vice-versa.

Less Risk of Obesity: Vegetarians are much more conscious about what they eat their food choices. Generally, they never overeat or never picks food based on their emotions.

These are the main reasons for obesity. Researchers said that adopting a vegetarian diet can reduce the chances of obesity.

Reduces the risk of diabetes: A vegetarian food can be easily absorbed, is nutritious, and contains less fatty acids as compared to Non-vegetarians food. On –vegetarians generally have high levels of blood sugar.

Healthy Skin: The secret of having healthy skin is to eat the right amounts of vitamins and minerals with lots of water. Fruits and Vegetables are very rich in vitamins and have enough oxidants. Since these are plant-derived products, they are water-based, which further improves the intake of healthy nutrients.

Low Cholesterol: Cholesterol comes from animal food; vegetarian foods are cholesterol-free. Even though cholesterol is a necessary component of the human cell, vegetarians need not worry about it, because the body itself makes the cholesterol needed from food.

High Fiber: Plant-derived products contain high fiber content required by our body for good health like having a sound digestive system. It also helps improve the body’s metabolism and liquidate the toxins and the other chemicals from our collection. Since these are generally water-based, so they help maintain the liquid level of the body.

Reduces Depression: Researchers have found that Non-Vegetarians usually quickly get angry than vegetarians. Thus anger results mainly in depression and other problems. On performing individual depressions tests, it has found that vegetarians have lower scores than Non-vegetarians. Vegetarian foods that come from plants can be said organic, which are fresh can provide necessary elements to our brain, body, and keeps our mind positive.

Low risk of Cataract: In a study, it’s been found that people with a vegetarian diet have a lower risk of getting cataract developed. Researchers also have said in about every 10 million Americans, there is at least one cataract. Meat eaters have higher chances of getting cataract developed than vegetarian.

The facts, as mentioned above, somehow indicates vegetarian living longer and healthy life.

Economical: Based on economic, Vegetarian food no doubt comes in advantage

compared to Non-vegetarian food.

Vegetarian foods you can include in your diet plan:

 Fruits

 Legumes

 Lentils

 Soy

 Green-Vegetables


We have seen that vegetarian food has lots of benefits to keep your healthy life going like increasing your lifespan, lowering the chances of diabetes, cancer, and much more.

Here we do not disrespect any Non-Vegetarian. Every food has its benefits, so as non-vegetarian.

But from the above mentioned facts, it is somehow possible that vegetarian are healthier in long run.

Go Green, go clean and go fit!

A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought –

they must be earned. — Naval Ravikant

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