Things to Expect when Entering a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center


When you’re in the grip of drugs and alcohol, it’s best if you get the treatment for it as soon as possible. Staying away from the substance or detoxification is just the first the treatment. Addiction takes over your body, your mind, and slowly your life. To make addiction let go of you, your treatment helps you take back control of all of these aspects of your life.

Rehabilitation centers offer the best wholesome treatment in such situations. Understandably, you might feel nervous or anxious before admitting yourself to a center offering rehabilitation services. We’re here to help you with all you need to know so that you can calm your mind before stepping on the path to a rehab center.

What happens When You Arrive at the Rehabilitation or Treatment Center

When you arrive into a rehab center to admit yourself for four to six weeks of care, the counselors on duty warmly receive you and ask you to sign various forms for indemnity and information such as next of kin, allergies, if you require detoxification and so on. Once you complete all the paperwork and formalities, they take over your luggage and belongings and search through it for any substance.

After this, you are required to submit a drug test through a sample of blood and/or urine. If there are any substances found, the counselors confiscate it and dispose of it immediately. A doctor then visits you to assess any medical requirements because drugs and alcohol damage your body to a large extent and you might need medication and treatment for the same.

The Detoxification Process

If you have been under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol for a long time, you may require a detoxification process. The human body becomes physically dependent on substances and you need to remove it from your body to let your body heal. This requires supervision as the body may react negatively and can also result in fatalities in severe cases.

Some of the best deaddiction centres in India offer detoxification to the patients but some may not have the proper equipment and facilities to administer proper detoxification.  While some drug rehab centers may allow you to participate in their program along with a detoxing, but some require a patient to detox a patient before allowing you to mingle with other patients of the center. This depends completely on the discretion of the rehabilitation clinic.

Getting Started!

Once all the formalities of the clinic are completed, they will assign you a counselor who will be your one-on-one therapist and the person who will supervise all aspects of your treatment. All the other patients who are completing their term at the clinic are known as the ‘community’.

Once you unpack and get settled, you will be introduced to this community who will be your tribe on your journey to better health. You might be assigned a ‘buddy’, who is a fellow patient but has been in the clinic for more time than you have. These buddies will help you get settled and assist you with the daily activities of the program or with any other information you might need.

The Program

Every rehabilitation center differs in their program, but the basic elements of their treatment remain the same which include, one-on-one therapy, group therapy, written work, meals, walks, plenty of sleep and exercises. If the center offers a Twelve Step Program based on the Minnesota Model of recovery, then patients will also attend AA and NA meetings, have lectures on the elements of the program and participate in written work.

These centers usually don’t allow any contact with outside persons, even if it is family or friends. Since this program is extremely difficult and can be frightening, meeting with friends and family might make settling in the daily schedule of even worse for you. You will take a couple of weeks before getting comfortable with the program and the life in the center, so stay on and don’t get stressed out and leave in the first week due to the foreignness of the program.

These rehabilitation centers offer a safe space for you to begin your healthy journey to a new life. This new life will help you with abstinence and change for the good. The fact that you’re entering a facility means that you cannot live your life as you have, you might be hopeless, afraid and even unrelenting. Your body will fight your mind to give it drugs, but this center will help you and your body to heal. When you prepare for it and know what to expect before entering a facility, your mind is at ease and is accepting of whatever comes your way.

So, if you want to give yourself a second chance at life and live happily, lookout for the best addiction centers in India.

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