Disc replacement surgery in Turkey

Disc replacement surgery

What is a disc replacement surgery?

Disc replacement surgery is a surgery of the spine. But before we get into the surgery we need to understand the structure of our spinal cord. Our spine is made of individual bones known as the vertebrae. Between these bones is a cushion of discs that enable flexible and smooth movement of the bones without rubbing off on each other.

Sometimes, these discs wear off or get damaged due to which the gel leaks and puts pressure on the spinal nerve. This causes a substantial amount of pain and even feeling of numbness in the legs or feet. In such cases, the disc needs to be removed and replaced with an artificial disc. This artificial disk is made up of metal or plastic and sometimes an amalgam of the two. This process of replacing the damaged disc is known as disc replacement surgery.

When is disc replacement surgery required?

The main symptom of a major problem in the back is either the feeling of numbness in the legs and feet or pain in the back. This is when a disc replacement surgery is suggested. Despite this, there are medications and therapies that can cure your back pain which will be given by a medical professional. Yet, there are some common recommendations for a surgery. These include:

  1. The pain in the back comes from a specific disc or two in the spinal cord.
  2. The patient does not have a specific joint problem, but there are signs of compression of the spinal nerve.
  3. The patient is not excessively overweight.
  4. The patient does not suffer from any spinal deformities such as scoliosis.
  5. The patient has not undergone any spinal surgeries in the past.

What are the risks involved?

Any surgical procedure involves certain risks and complications and thus disc replacement surgery carries its own. Some of the most common risks involved include:

  1. Dislocation or dislodging of the artificial disc that has been used during the surgery.
  2. Inflammation or infection of the area around the newly installed artificial disc.
  3. Damage to the artificial disc due to surgical failure, improper fitting, or even wear and tear.
  4. A narrowed down spinal cord due to breakdown of the spinal bones.
  5. A stiff or rigid spine can sometimes be the result of the surgery.
  6. Clotting of blood in the legs due to lower movement and activity.

Turkey as destination for disc replacement surgery

If you are looking for options to treat yourself or your loved one, you will find the best hospital for disc replacement surgery in Turkey. Turkey is an up and coming destination for medical travel because of the amenities that the country offers along with trained medical professionals, high-tech instruments, and affordable cost of treatment. When we talk about medical professionals, looking for a hospital for disc replacement surgeon in Turkey gives you multiple options. Some of the most prominent hospitals include Liv hospital, Koc university hospital, Anadolu medical center, Medipol mega university hospital, and Kadikoy florence nightingale hospital. The average cost of treatment is USD 7500 which is very low compared to other nations.

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