Learn Some Essential Suggestions for Avoiding the Complications of Diabetes

Avoiding the Complications of Diabetes

When you are controlling your diabetes, you are taking care of many body parts such as nerve, heart, and foot problems. Your kidneys and eyes also remain protected when you are taking the right preventive measure for diabetes. You can apply some of the tips mentioned below.

Check Your Sugar Level Twice a Day

Your doctors will advise for a frequent check on your blood sugar levels. It is generally recommended twice a day. Your progress can be tracked according to your food intake and activities. If you write down your progress after track, it will help you to improve your lifestyle by checking your blood sugar level.

Lose Those Extra Pounds!

When your weight is more, your dietician, your fitness trainer, and your doctor can help you in following the plan to lose your weight. When you have a healthy weight, your blood sugar level is also controlled.

Track Carbohydrate Level

You should check the level of your carbohydrate and how frequently you are taking them. When you are controlling your carbohydrate, your blood sugar level also gets controlled. You should select carbohydrates with high fiber such as beans, whole grains, fruits, and green vegetables.

A1 C Blood test

This blood test is done for finding out the average blood sugar level for the past 2 to 3 months. Patients with type 2 diabetes level should go for this blood test and the ideal level is 7% or less than that. You should consult your doctor to check how frequently you require the A1 C blood test. suggests the ideal frequency of checking your A1C level as well as carbohydrate levels.

Control Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

You should keep a check on your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Your heart will only remain healthy if your triglycerides and cholesterol level remains under control. You should take medicine if required according to the suggestions of your doctor.

You should be Active and Moving

Exercise can help in maintaining a healthy weight and therefore keeps your blood sugar level in control. Blood pressure and stress level are also controlled if you are involved in exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. You may try dancing, walking, low-impact aerobics, stationary bike, swimming, or playing tennis. All these activities can be started slowly and still get moderately active. Take breaks in the middle so that you never feel stressed out while exercising.

Manage Stress and Get Some Sleep

Diabetes and stress should not be mixed. Stress levels can trigger the level of your diabetes. Try meditating to get relief from the stress. You should also get enough sleep because when you are sleep-deprived, you tend to eat more, resulting in increasing in diabetes levels.


You should get an entire checkup of your body once a year and talk to your doctor every 3 months. Make sure you are testing your eyes, kidneys, and blood pressure level to avoid the complications that may be caused due to high diabetes. A1C blood test is also important, and checking your carbohydrate level is also required frequently for diabetic patients.

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