6 Foods That Will Help You During Drug Detox

Drug Detox

Nutrition therapy has recently gained popularity as an essential part of holistic recovery programs. Nutritional deficiency is widespread in drug addicts because when a person depends too much on drugs, they don’t consume a healthy diet for many reasons.

Drugs and alcohol may give a person digestive issues. Their body will have difficulty absorbing the essential nutrients, or the disruption of their sleep cycle may provide them with loss of appetite etc.

This is why restoring a person’s physical and mental health during drug detox not only requires abstaining from drugs and taking medication it also requires a healthy diet and adequate hydration.

A holistic recovery approach provides patients with nutrition education and counselling from health professionals, which will help them achieve long term sobriety.

Here are some critical foods recommended by health professionals as a part of drug detox to help the body restore its nutritional deficiencies:

#1. Green and Leafy Vegetables

The idea of having to eat vegetables might not sound very appealing. Still, leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, kale and other salads are a significant source of vitamin B6 and folic acid. People addicted to alcohol are often found to be deficient in vitamin B6 and folic acid, and these vegetables can help them restore their deficiencies.

Moreover, collard greens are recommended as a great source of calcium! Plant-based superfoods are essential for liver health and can help recover the liver damage caused by alcohol. 

#2. Proteins

Amino acids are required by the body to repair cells and can be obtained from plant sources and animal sources. Tuna Turkey and chicken are known to be excellent sources of vitamin B6, and red meat and poultry provide nutrients like iron to help the body restore its health. 

Salmon is also a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and calcium and helps the body restore bone health. Plant-based proteins like lentils, tofu, black beans and quinoa are also significant sources of proteins and fibres during recovery.

#3. Low-Fat Dairy Products 

data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Drug and alcohol addicts are prone to cardiac and bone problems. Low-fat dairy products can help repair muscle tissue, improve cardiac health and bone structure. Low-fat products are a great source of calcium, riboflavin, phosphorus, vitamin D, pantothenic acid, potassium, vitamin A and niacin, which are very important in restoring a drug addict’s health.

A low-fat dairy diet is recommended because drug addicts need a low-calorie diet to help them recover their health. 

#4. Bright Fruits and Vegetables 

Bright fruits and vegetables like papayas, strawberries, pineapples, oranges, guava, bell peppers, etc., are a great source of vitamin C and highly recommended for nutrition therapy! Moreover, kiwifruit broccoli, tomatoes, snow peas extra or also so high in vitamin C and help fulfil the body’s nutritional needs. 

#5. Carbohydrates

No diet is complete without carbohydrates! They are the primary energy source for the body because they are healthy for the brain, kidneys, heart muscles and nervous system. As we already mentioned, people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol might have digestive problems, and carbohydrates have fibres that help digestion and keep the body cholesterol low.

Carbohydrates also help relieve withdrawal symptoms and help relieve weakness, headaches and fatigue, widespread side effects of drug detox! 

Carbohydrates can be found in whole grains like barley, brown rice, oatmeal and serials, and is low-fat milk, yoghurt, lentils, black beans, sweet potatoes, berries, citrus fruits, melons, apples etc. 

#6. Plant Seeds

Plant seeds are a great source of fibre and contain healthy monounsaturated fats, essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also help reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, which are prevalent health issues in drug addiction.

Flax seeds are essential sources of fibre, chia seeds are rich in omega-three fatty acids, hemp seeds are rich in vegetarian protein, and sesame seeds are a great source of lignans, fibre and copper!

Nutrition therapy is essential in drug detox because it helps in recovering the body’s health and helps avoid a relapse… If a person’s nutritional needs aren’t met, they are at high risk of relapse because of feeling low energy and anxiety.

Moreover, getting proper nutrition can help in healthy mental health by reducing harmful cravings and helping a person maintain sobriety and long term recovery. 

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