3 Stress-free Ways for Women To Care for Their Bodies


Taking care of your body shouldn’t have to be stressful, yet that’s all too often the case, particularly for women. Instead, we’re balancing societal expectations, worrying about all the other things we should be doing—all of which aren’t focused on taking care of ourselves. Women, as a rule, are expected to sacrifice their own well-being in favor of their families’. Then, when they do, they’re hyper-focused on a variety of other concerns.

With a few tools at your disposal, you can take better care of your body and overall wellness despite stress or other concerns. Of course, there are countless ways a woman can take care of her body. However, three particularly effective methods include sex, skincare, and sleep–three Ss of stress-free self-care, if you will.

1. Sex


Solo or with a partner, sexual activity has been linked to an array of different benefits, including improved physical fitness, increased happiness, and lower levels of stress. However, it is certainly possible for this stress relief to cause stress of its own, particularly if you’re facing low libido, psychological blocks, or other concerns that affect your sex life.

In these cases, you might look for ways to relieve the physical impact of stress on your body to better reap the benefits of sexual pleasure, including stress relief. For example, suppose you come across CBD or cannabis as potential stress-busters, and your doctor OKs their use. In that case, you’ll want to seek out the best edibles for female arousal, finding the best strain for both easing stress and improving your sex drive.

2. Skincare


Spa days are a top choice for self-care for an excellent reason—there’s research linking your skincare routine to reduced stress. Unsurprisingly, these benefits come in part from the relaxing qualities of some “me time.” However, studies also show that skincare’s physical and aesthetic benefits bring about an increase in self-confidence and a decrease in cortisol levels.

If you’re dealing with sensitive skin, though, the thought of a skincare regimen can be intimidating. Short of your dermatologist, who can you trust to care for your skin without irritation? Believe it or not, the answer is you. Incorporating a skincare routine in your self-care routine can relieve stress without irritating your susceptible skin type. Your most vital asset will be the formulas of your serums, moisturizers, and other skincare products. Looking to brighten dark spots with l-ascorbic acid or vitamin C? Look for a vitamin C serum for sensitive skin, particularly. Are you searching to ward off wrinkles with a bit of hyaluronic acid? Find a product with a sensitive skin formula to use alongside your vitamin C serum. As you develop a routine that meets your needs, you’ll have a few daily moments of stress-free bliss.

3. Sleep


Sleep is essential—that’s what we’ve been told for a lifetime. But how seriously do you take this advice? If you’re under a lot of stress, chances are you aren’t incorporating enough sleep into your everyday schedule. However, getting enough sleep can help you decrease your stress levels and improve your ability to manage the stress that remains.

Within this cycle, you’ll find that stress-relieving efforts can help you avoid sleepless nights, preventing further stress in the process. Experiment with some bedtime stress relief rituals, like meditation, deep breathing, or progressive muscle relaxation as ways to relieve your stress and ease you into sleep.

From experimenting with THC and arousal to finding the best vitamin C serum for your sensitive skin, your self-care efforts shouldn’t be adding to your stress levels. Instead, they should work to calm you down while caring for your body, mind, and soul. By knowing what it is you’re looking for, you can make that happen.

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