Find out why you need to study accessory design courses?

study accessory design courses

The world of fashion has become more expansive than ever. Today, the fashion industry is not about creating clothes. Now, it includes everything from footwear, bags, belts, watches, scarves, and so much more. Amongst all sub-fields of fashion, accessory designing has gained immense popularity among people. This is because accessories like scarves, belts, earrings, etc., can easily amp up the look of even a simple attire. Hence, there is a growing demand for accessories designers in India, and this creative field has become a bright forthcoming career.

If you want to be an accessory designer, here are some reasons why you should consider this course:

  1. Wide career scope: The field of accessory designing is vast. There are various job profiles in this space, and you can choose one per your skills, abilities, and interest. You could be a jewelry designer, footwear/shoe designer, leather accessory designer, men’s accessory designer, product designer, belt designer, etc.
  2. Attractive employment opportunities: As an accessory designer, you can either choose to work as a freelancer or work for top fashion labels. You can easily get a job at one of the leading fashion houses, designer stores, production houses, TV production units, jewelry houses, studios, etc. Some of the top companies that recruit accessory designers are Pantaloon, Frazer, Hidesign, Magpie, Zara, ITC, Swarovski, Tanishq, Tiffany, Titan, etc. If you want, you can also open your label. 
  3. Lucrative compensation: As an accessory designer, you can easily get a job that pays you at least a six-figure salary annually. The average salary of an accessory designer starts from Rs. 6,00,000 per year and rapidly scales up as you move up the career path. However, the actual salary depends on your specialisation, professional experience, and the educational institute. Generally, students from reputed fashion institutes like the Pearl Academy secure high-paying jobs in the field of accessory designing.
  4. International opportunities: Owing to globalisation, the world has turned into a small village. Moreover, the fashion industry has particularly benefitted from this development. As an accessory designer, if you want to work abroad or with global fashion houses, you can easily do it. 
  5. Freedom: As an accessory designer, if you choose to build your own business, you will have the freedom to work at your convenience. Alternatively, if you work with leading business houses, you can also keep your timing flexible and work around hours when your creative juices flow the best.

Overall, accessory designing is a promising and fulfilling field for those who have the creative eye and a mindset to flourish. With the potential to earn high packages while working with high-end brands or setting up your business, accessory designing is a fruitful career.

However, to ensure you become a successful accessory designer, it is important to get the right training. In this world of competition, a degree from a reputed institute like Pearl Academy can help you stand out from the crowd. Choose an accessory designing course from Pearl Academy and create a solid foundation for your career.


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