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In the world of online sports betting, some sports are much more popular than others. This is due to several reasons, such as the fact that bettors tend to place bets on the sports they know, since by being familiar with its rules and players they can place an informed bet. Another clear reason is the popularity of the sport itself, such as soccer, which is massively known worldwide.

However, there are many sports that are very popular in certain countries, such as Baseball; which is very popular in the United States but very little known in other countries where practically there is no knowledge about the sport. However, it remains a very popular sport in the betting environment, with thousands of punters betting on Mlb spreads daily in the United States.

In this article we will review which are the most popular sports to bet money, in a sector that is growing more and more and that incorporates new sports as it evolves, such as eSports.

Baseball (MLB)

Baseball is a fairly complex sport when it comes to betting, but it is also very rewarding when you manage to win money with your bets. The complexity is due to the number of players, the number of teams and the number of divisions that there are in the spor; which generates a large number of variables making it very difficult to make accurate predictions. Anyway, it is difficult, but not impossible!

There are many betting sites, such as BetUS, that offer a lot of useful and accurate information about current players and teams, in order to better understand the odds when betting.

These data are essential, since, to bet on MLB it is necessary to inform yourself and do your homework before a game or a season. Baseball is mostly a money line sport and Mlb spreads; it is mainly about choosing who will win the game.

Football (NFL)

This is one of the sports that receives the most bets throughout the year in the United States. The peak of this sport in the world of sports betting is when the Super Bowl is played. During this tournament, football lovers go crazy and spend thousands of dollars on sports bets.

During the football season there are about 32 teams and 256 games to bet on; and there is also a wide variety of different bets. The number of bets that can be placed on this sport throughout the year is incredible, ranging from who will win the game, to over/under bets, interceptions and turnovers and handicap.

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Such is the movement that this sport generates in the betting world, that most bookmakers, such as BetUS, offer live betting 24 hours a day when it comes to football.

In addition, not only bets are placed on professional football, but you can also bet on college football.

Basketball (NBA)

It is a sport that has grown big and fast in terms of popularity. Bets are not only placed on the NBA, which of course is the most famous league in the world for this sport; but also betting on the university leagues and the European league, making the volume of bets around the world enormous.

This sport involves spread betting, to a greater extent. This involves predicting the margin by which a given team will beat another given team.

Basketball, like baseball, is also a fairly complex sport when it comes to betting, since it has many different tournaments, many divisions, zones, and teams. It is necessary to be well informed and read the statistics before betting.


It could be said that it is the sport that attracts more people after football, and this is because it is a relatively simple sport in terms of its rules and gameplay; therefore, the bets are not so complex. Learning tennis rules is relatively easy, making it very accessible to most audiences.

Tournaments are played throughout the year, around the world. The fundamental thing when betting on this sport is to know the strengths and weaknesses of each player, such as knowing if Federer plays better on grass or brick courts, etc. Taking this into account, it is necessary to find out about the injuries of the players and about the characteristics of each tournament.

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