How to Connect with the Most People When Promoting Your Non-Profit

Promoting Your Non-Profit

For many fundraisers, the fun is in organizing the activities that are going to happen. However, this alone is unlikely to bring in the revenue your non-profit will require to survive and make the kind of difference that you want it to.

For this, you are going to have to take part in other activities that will take both energy and enthusiasm. There are many different methods open to you when it comes to promotion, but you need to prioritize the one that gives you the best results.

#1 Using Traditional Methods

For many years, non-profits have been using posters around their local areas to increase awareness and promote fundraising events. This is also true of those flyers either handed out or posted through doors of the local neighborhood to inspire those residents to take part or donate money or time to aid specific causes.

As you are probably painfully aware, this not only takes time but can also be costly, and there is no guarantee that any of your efforts will be recognized. Most could just wind up in the trash or recycling bin unopened or unread.

#2 Word of Mouth

It is likely if you are an outgoing sort of person, or you feel particularly passionate about your non-profit or charity, that you would be happy to stand in store foyers and speak to those passing you by. Of course, for this, you will most definitely require the store manager’s approval and you should be comfortable with the fact that some rude and unsympathetic people could approach you.

A far better approach for someone who may struggle in these circumstances would be to set unmanned stalls up in the entrance lobbies of local businesses or see if HR staff would be interested in you promoting your fundraising event to their staff during break times or lunchtimes.

#3 Using Technology

If you want to get maximum coverage and financial support for your fundraising event, you may very well find that taking your promotions outside of your local area could be a good move. This will not only broaden your support base, but also inevitably gain you more interest, money, and even additional volunteers.

You can do this by sending out emails (which may or not be opened) or more importantly, text messages (which are more likely to be opened) to interested parties. Although you may feel that sending out mass texting for nonprofits could be time-consuming, it needn’t be.

Obtaining the correct software and working on the right platform could help you connect with the right people will do many good things for your non-profit organization including building relationships with your followers, and keeping them up to date with fundraising events, which will, in turn, improve your promotional tactics, and free up time with the use of automation

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how established your organization is, using technology will only free up more time for you to concentrate on spreading the word, and gain sponsorship that will help your non-profit organization grow and make a difference for future generations.

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