Call of Duty Warzone Gulag tips and tricks

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag

Finding it difficult to play Call of Duty Warzone Gulag? Fret not! Here are our top tips and tricks to gain maximum gains in the game.

Call of Duty Warzone’s Gulag hasn’t been practised before in any of the games. Thus, players are curious to find out what it is. Since Gulag is a new concept, many gamers can face problems with it. If you often get the urge to take revenge on other players that tried to kill you off in the main arena, then Gulag is for you. Try to learn more Warzone hacks to excel in call of Duty Warzone Gulag. 

Some techniques to win Call of Duty Warzone Gulag

Try to stick to the walls and corners.

Sticking to the walls and corners can be an effective strategy to stay away from the eyes of your enemies. Most players make the mistake of fighting from the centre. Avoid doing that. It will make you more vulnerable. It’s best to understand this trick and try to kill your enemies before they try to kill you. You can peek around the corners and try to put shots on an enemy as soon as you come across them. This strategy works best when there are walls behind. 

Keep your ears open.

Most players make the mistake of rushing and becoming aggressive in the game. This makes them restless, and they fail to concentrate on a single thing. Try to go slow and have a strategic approach. Take your time, put on your headset, and listen carefully. Listening to them will tell you from where they are approaching. You will also know whether you should go ahead to meet them or wait and shoot them when they come. Once you learn this technique, you can say where your enemy is going to be. 

Pre-aiming is a good technique. 

“Pre-aiming” is quite a proper technique in all versions of Warzone games. However, it is most helpful in the Gulag. In this game, if you practice pre-aiming, you move very quickly. Hence, in some scenarios, before you can even begin to aim up, you’re dead. So the best thing is to move around pre-aiming. This will make you ready to fire as soon as you come across your enemy.

Use your grenades

Don’t forget to use the grenades you have. If you have a wall on the sides and a grenade for some time and throw it, it will hit the wall or the corner. Thus, if your enemy hides in any of the corners, the grenade will attack them. The trick here is to hold the grenade in the way and throw it at the right time. Doing this will allow you to sideline the enemies out of any place on the map. It doesn’t matter whether you can see your enemy or not; you can still blow them with the grenade. If they try to run away, you can catch them as well. 

Communicate with your teammates

If you have your squad member in the Gulag, you can take their help to call out to you. They can give you essential information like what the other player is doing. You can know whether they are hiding or coming near you etc. However, you can’t do this all the time. If you happen to go to the confined arena with a partner, try to help them out, and they will help you in return. Hence, communication is a must. 

Learn about the map

Studying the map will allow you to know about the Gulag properly. This is one of the best investments of time. Practising this habit will allow you to come out of more engagements in the Gulag successfully. Learning the map will also provide you with more opportunities to come back into the field. You will also be able to bring the fight back to the squad that removed you in the first place.


Lastly, make sure to continue practising as it will help in improving the game. The rules to win the Gulag are not very Complicated. Applying the techniques mentioned above is a great way to train up your skills. Following these tips will help you better in the Gulag. If you want to read such content, stay connected—comment below in case of any doubt.

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