Watch and Play IPL Fantasy League. Know how?

IPL Fantasy League

India is one of the most passionate nations in sports, where IPL has taken its special place in a decade. IPL is not just plain cricket but a professional Twenty20 cricket league that has been consistently contested on Indian soil every year during the summer months of April and May for a decade now.

A game where all the players, International and Indian, come together on the common ground to play as one and no matter who wins, it’s ultimately India winning.

But have you wondered, what if you could play along? If you were given a chance to make your own team and challenge your cricket knowledge?

Well, now you can start with the IPL Fantasy League!

Fantasy cricket is a virtual gaming platform where you create a team with your players’ choice and earn points based on players performance in real matches.

However, Fantasy cricket is not a game of luck; it is a knowledge and skill-based game. Therefore, you must have legitimate information about the game, points system, the players of the games and a detailed analysis of their performance. The pitch report and weather condition also help you create the right team and thus increase your chances of winning the fantasy game.

While having the option to earn is probably the greatest added advantage of fantasy cricket, there are other incentives like challenging your friend, topping the leaderboard, choosing from various contests and more.

With a few quick steps, you can start playing IPL fantasy leagues; here’s how:

Step – 1: Download and register with a legitimate fantasy gaming app. Start small, take a practice match and later opt for the investment. 

Step – 2: Pick any upcoming matches from any of the current or upcoming cricket series of your choice.

Step – 3: Create a team within a budget of 100 credits. Choose the group of your favourite players and create your ideal team. You also have an option to Make multiple teams.

Step – 4: Join any cash contest to win cash and grab the rights to show-off your rank in the ultimate skilful gaming contest! You can also make your own private contest among your friends and play.

Step – 5: You can make as many changes to your teams as you like until the deadline of that match! So, keep a keen eye on the toss and make the changes to your team accordingly. 

Step – 6: Watch the real match in action and track your fantasy point scorecard to know your real-time position or rank in the game.

Step – 7: Win the prizes for the highest scoring line up & Withdraw your winnings.

So now, don’t just wait up for IPL to begin. Simply download FSL11 fantasy gaming App and start practising now. The Application also provides you with the option to play other matches. So register and win big!

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