Do you know what happened to Twitch Streamer MissQGemini?

Twitch Streamer MissQGemini

MissQGemini was once incredibly popular, but it was before the scandal. It’s not a crime to be fooled by video games, but it’s one of the worst things anyone can say about you on Twitch. Of course, she protected herself, but the rumors seemed genuine in the end. Where is she now? She wanted to know what happened to the Twitch streamer MissQ Gemini, so if you look it up, you might be surprised at the answer.


What happened to Twitch Streamer MissQGemini?

What happened anyway? Cheating is a big deal. CSGO players have been captured, but nothing has been as publicly charged as MissQGemini. During a live stream on Twitch, she began yelling at being accused of having an affair because she was a female.

After complaining that this is nonsense (in very clear terms), she gets to work and starts playing. The recorded stream indicates a profile load. This allows other players to be immediately visible, even if you are behind a wall.

She continues to play, and after a while, she realizes she is not the only one who can see what is happening. She asks if someone else has “this bug,” saying that her boyfriend Locke had it before, but she now has it.

This lasts for a few seconds, and then she blames “Clara.” She goes on to explain that her “Clara” had previously been banned from cheating, and then she says she had “Clara” use her computer earlier in the day. .. She claims she trusts this scammer on her laptop.

She mentions watching Clara play after claiming that “Clara” must have smuggled the fraudster’s profile into her computer. A known scammer might notice if a cheat is active when using the laptop in front of him. Or maybe it’s still the accident that she first blamed the friend she was playing with.

Eventually, she signed the game, and it seemed like it was over. Except for one small issue, this may be the last time people have heard about this issue. Twitch was a live stream, and all viewers saw everything that happened. From the piled-up excuses that didn’t make sense to her anger about how unfair it is for people to blame her for cheating because of her gender, she’s sad to the audience and the whole.

Was she banned?

So was she banned? According to eBaum’s World, she was finally banned from VAC. Again, you might think Twitch would ban them too, but as far as we know, that never happened. After a major backlash, MQG eventually voluntarily closed its account.

According to the tweet, she wasn’t banned from Twitch. However, she closed that account, and she attached Twitter account is private with only about 50 subscribers. After that, MissQGemini disappeared and was reborn under a new name in less than a week.


With some confusion, according to Reddit’s Twitch Fails section, she was banned for at least a day and then renamed her account. This allows her to keep subscribers and continue playing without showing the stream when people search for her by her old name.

For a while, MissQGemini became The Djinnn, and she could avoid bad press. She continued to play, but unlike other successful Twitters that went on fire and continued the stream, Clara, MQG, or The Djinnnn did not end. The account formerly known as The Djinnnn is no longer available.


MissQGemini, also known as Haley Germain, is challenging to find on the internet. She disappeared completely from Twitch in the face of a scandal. But she doesn’t give up on social media altogether.

Haley has a YouTube channel. She has a video about the game, but that could be a better move. Unfortunately, Haley has only 24 subscribers, so it’s not a big source of revenue. Only 11 months ago, she uploaded a video of her own game. Unfortunately, Youtube doesn’t help them either.

Maybe you apologize? We know that in the business world, some celebrities never apologize, but that’s not how they work with social media fans. If she wants to return to her public interest and isn’t sure if she cares, she probably needs a genuine apology. The lesson of MissQGemini’s story is that you shouldn’t cheat. However, if you are cheating, do not do it live so that others can see it.

If you cheat and realize you’re doing it in a live stream, don’t come up with a crazy story after playing an active cheat in a full round. Most people are grateful for their sincere apologies. Even if you mess up so badly that you scold not to flirt before you flirt live, it’s a great help to say sorry, and it means there’s more to it.


We are sure Clara didn’t accidentally force MissQGemini to cheat. Unfortunately, Haley needs more than her own social media star. Where is she now? No one knows, but Haley left after all the stunts that attracted attention failed and hopefully got help.

Addiction to negative attention is no different from other addictions. It’s a serious problem that can ruin your life. More importantly, it can be treated.

I hope her absence is due to the temptation that led her to the path that made MissQGemini the cursed name of the game. Anyway, we want to leave you with a final thought. Scammers are also people. Haley made a big mistake and paid the price. Wherever she is now, at least mentally, we hope she’s better than where she first started to get attention.

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