Top 4 Dirtiest Gaming Consoles You’re Unknowingly Using

For all the gamers out there, gaming consoles are probably the single most important thing you own. But do you have any idea of how dirty these consoles can get? Read the article to find out!

The gaming industry is one of the hugest and thriving industrial businesses in today’s time and so is the constant competition between gamers about which console is the best. But, one thing that stays left out is the subject of cleanliness of these consoles. Most gamers consider themselves way too busy to even care for the piling dirt that these consoles gather. Thus, addressing this issue is a must and should always be in check.

To look at the results of various experiments of these consoles on how much bacteria they gather can give you solid germaphobia, so let us just tell you the top 4 gaming consoles that you should clean quite often.

4 Gaming Consoles with Bacteria, Yeast, And Mould

According to this Betway research, the percentage of bacteria depends on the surface area of gaming consoles. But, as per the results and popularity of gaming consoles, here are the top 4 ones that you need to know about.

#1 PlayStation

PlayStation is in the number one position based on its popularity as the top-selling console among gamers. This device has also topped our list for being the least clean one.

Data shows that PlayStation sample products have 70% colony-forming bacteria unit per swab. In general terms, the percentage is much higher than what a toilet seat would have.

This bacterium tentatively takes place inside the buttons and joysticks of these consoles. Inside the dips, the growth gets worse. Sometimes, from these places alone, the dirt count stands 180-190 units per swab. It also reaches a higher level where it can even surpass the dirt percentage of an unclean kitchen surface.

So, yes, undoubtedly all gamers must be aware and clean their PlayStation once in a while. Although bacteria aren’t scary, it can affect people depending on their immune stability. Cleaning gaming consoles are henceforth required.

4 Gaming Consoles with Bacteria, Yeast, And Mould

#2 PC

Not a proper gaming console but a PC is in the second position by the worst margin of bacterial presence.

The everyday usage of your hands on keyboards and not cleaning them often is the reason you will find the worst percentage of bacteria on this device. The keyboard of a PC nearly shows 160-unit bacteria per swab and then again it is also the mouse that picks up the most bacterial material.

Reports say that a rough swab of the mouse shows 250 colony-forming units which are only a few swabs lesser than kitchen surfaces.

This increasing percentage of bacterial presence is maybe responsible for not cleaning these devices due to the risk of electrical factors.

Not only mouse and keyboard, but a PC’s also ON button possibly has 110 colony-forming bacterial presence which is worse than many consoles tasted across all platforms.

#3 Xbox

The second cleanest among others, Xbox only has 60 per cent colony-forming bacterial material per swab. Not a great number but it definitely is way better than other ones.

Although it is the cleanest among other consoles, researches show that most Xbox controllers’ have a greater percentage than Xbox itself. The margin is wider by 20 plus units per swab, which means it’s 80 units per swab.

However, there are worst cases where Xbox showed 5k plus colony-forming units mainly on its controller buttons. But the extreme count is rare in Xbox samples and it can have much fewer units if you clean it properly.

#4 Switch

Finally, with 50 units per swab, the cleanest dirt console title goes to Nintendo Switch. By far the cleanest, though not cleaner than a toilet seat, Switch reportedly has a lower risk of bacterial presence.

Through all platforms tested for dirt, bacteria, Yeast, or other germs presence, Switch wins the first prize.

However, the percentage can be reduced if you as a gamer take care of the cleanliness of these products. As you are unknowingly using all these consoles every day without being bothered to clean them, the margin of bacterial material will only go higher in every passing test.

Microscopic View of Dirty Consoles

You probably wouldn’t want to see it through your eyes. The results and occurring if bacteria on these devices are uncountable.

It is the outcome of you not cleaning your hands before touching your controller each time you play. Through these regular actions, the germs are only spreading, and it also comes from spit particles and other dirty stuff.

Under the microscope, it is all bigger and huge. So, make sure from now on, you clean your gaming consoles and stop them from being a hub for bacterial growth. The keyboards and buttons of controllers are a must to clean now and then.

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