Why You Need Legal Representation if You’re a Pro Esports Player

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Can you believe that we have professional eSports leagues? Decades ago, the thought of getting paid to play video games was every gamer’s fantasy, and now there are pro eSports teams, eSports athletes, and tournaments held in packed arenas. To think your parents used to tell you that you spent “too much time on that darned game!”

One thing you probably didn’t dream of when you were a teen binging on your favorite game is that you’d someday need a lawyer to protect your interests as a pro eSports player. However, if you play pro eSports, you need an eSports lawyer, and here’s why.

Contract Negotiations With eSports Teams

Contract Negotiations With eSports Teams

If you grew up watching and playing traditional sports, you’ve probably spent some time fantasizing about what it would be like to turn pro. You’ve probably even envisioned yourself getting drafted by your favorite team and signing a contract for a ridiculous amount of money.

As an eSports athlete, you will get to feel the excitement of signing a pro sports contract. The prospect of getting paid well to do what you love is a rare opportunity. That being said, it’s important to get paid what you deserve for lending your talents.

Having an experienced attorney handle your contract negotiations increases your chances of getting paid what your talent and popularity demand. For example, if you’re one of the best CSGO players in eSports, you should be compensated as such. An attorney who’s part of the eSports Bar Association will be able to appraise the value you can bring to eSports teams and negotiate with team owners to secure a contract worthy of your skill.

Doxxing and Harassment Cases

Doxxing and Harassment Cases

Online competition can get ugly. When people compete online against strangers, they’re more likely to say vile things to opponents that they wouldn’t normally say in person. Often, trash talk becomes hurtful insults based on race, gender, sexuality, and religion. As you can imagine, insults against immutable characteristics tend to land the hardest and most frequently on women, people of color, and people in the LGBTQIA community.

If you find yourself a victim of harassment or even doxxing—someone accessing and sharing your personal info online—your eSports lawyer can help you seek justice. Furthermore, they can represent you in appeals against fines if you’re accused of wrongdoing in your eSports league.

If you’re ever harassed or discriminated against because of your immutable characteristics, you’ll want an attorney like Malliha Wilson on your side. Her unique life experience helps her empathize with her clients, and her passion for human rights fuels her fire. Additionally, her time as a special legal advisor to the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario has prepared her for the executive side of things.

Endorsement Deals

Endorsement Deals

The better and more entertaining you are as an eSports athlete, the more popular you’ll become. The more popular you become, the more marketable you’ll be, creating another avenue for revenue. Your eSports career could help you become an influencer, and by extension, a great brand ambassador. If you’re great at what you do and show a knack for attracting and entertaining eSports fans, the endorsement deals will begin to pile up.

Endorsements often come with a lot of stipulations, rewards, and penalties. As a result, endorsement contracts can be challenging to understand and negotiate, which is why you’ll want an eSports lawyer to interpret and negotiate your contract for you.

The eSports industry is still in the infantile stages, and eSports players are equally new to their roles as professional gamers. As a result, many lessons will be through trial and error, but don’t learn the hard way that you need an eSports lawyer.

You’ll undoubtedly face situations that require an attorney’s expertise, including negotiating contracts, sponsorship and endorsement deals, and more. With professional eSports competition being in its fledgling stages, it’s integral for all eSports athletes to have legal professionals on their side.

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