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Power of Chainsaw Man


You might love or hate her, but you can’t ignore Power while watching the Chainsaw Man anime. She is powerful, cunning, and a truly wild spirit. From lying through her teeth to pushing her companions into harm’s way to save her skin, there is nothing Power won’t do for survival. But there are several surprising lesser-known facts about Power buried beneath her chaotic behaviour. So, let’s take a step back and learn about Power in Chainsaw Man in a new light.

New Facts About Power in Chainsaw Man (2022)

Spoiler Warning: The majority of Power facts in this guide contain major spoilers for the characters and the plot of Chainsaw Man’s Public Safety Arc. Please watch the Chainsaw Man anime or read the manga until chapter 97 to avoid eradicating the intended experience.

#1. Power Has a Pet Cat With Two Names


Power rarely cares for other living beings, but she’s ready to sacrifice her life (and Denji’s, too) for her pet cat. But an interesting fact about this pet cat is that she has two different names depending upon the version of the manga you read. In the original Japanese iteration of Chainsaw Man manga, the cat is named Nyāko, a cuter way of saying the Japanese word for cats – Neko. However, in the English translation of the manga, the cat’s name becomes Meowy, which is still cute but contrasting.

#2. Her Horns Can Grow Significantly

Being a blood fiend, Power has horns made of blood growing out of her head. They prove her devilish side and are directly connected to her ability to use instruments made out of her blood and heal herself by consuming blood. In Chapter 39 of Chainsaw Man manga, we learn these horns grow taller and larger whenever Power consumes more blood than she needs.


And to get them back to their regular size, Power is then required to drain additional blood out of her body. A reliable method to do it is by letting someone like Denji drink some of Power’s blood. Moreover, if left unchecked, Power can also grow additional horns out of her head. We get to see that in the same chapter as well.

#3. Power is Quite Popular Among the Fans

If you have seen Power in action, it might not be surprising that she is quite popular among the fans. This was proved during the official popularity polls of Chainsaw Man conducted by Shueisha, a partner company of Shonen Jump. Power topped the leaderboard in the first popularity poll with 35,268 votes.


Then, in the second popularity poll, she came in third with 69,850 votes. The poll’s winner was Aki Hakayawa, another popular character in the fan base. Nevertheless, Power made up for this drop in ranking by appearing twice in the second popularity poll. Read the next point to find out how.


#4. Even Power’s Breast Pads Are Popular

In Chapter 12 of Chainsaw Man manga, Power explains that she uses breast pads to make her chest appear larger. This shocks Denji and catches him (and the fans) unprepared. Following that, the publishers took this joke to the next level by introducing her breast pads as a candidate in the second popularity poll.Chainsaw Man manga Even Power’s Breast Pads Are Popular

And in a surprising turn of events, Power’s breast pads managed to secure the 25th position with 2,330 votes. Even though it might not look like much, the pads claimed a better rank than the katana man and even the gun fiend.

#5. Personality Inspired by Eric Cartman and Walter Sobchak

When we look at any list of unhinged animated characters, Eric Cartman from South Park always tops the list. He is brutal, cruel, and utterly disrespectful to every living creature. Sounds similar to a character from Chainsaw Man. You are not mistaken. As revealed by the author during an interview with the French magazine ATOM, many aspects of Power’s character are based on Eric Cartman. The most obvious one is the joy they both feel when inflicting pain on their enemies.



But Eric isn’t the only one to blame for her brutality. While giving an interview for Jump Festa 2021, CSM’s author shared that Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski inspires Power’s personality. He is quite stubborn and deals with everything in a passive-aggressive manner. Some might even call his actions thoughtless, which is how we can perceive Power’s behaviour.

#6. In Chainsaw Man, Power is the first and most distinctive demon we encounter.

You may already know that there are humans, devils, hybrids, and fiends in Chainsaw Man’s universe. Use our specialised guide to learn how they differ from one another. But even after getting to know several of these individuals, Power is unlike any other monster you’ve encountered.


She is the most distinctive devil in the CSM series and the one we initially met. She takes the side of whoever is triumphant at the time rather than supporting humans or devils. Because of this, she is incredibly self-centred yet highly strong in crucial conflicts. She flips to the opposite side without even pausing to consider her actions.

#7. Power’s Hygiene is the Worst

If you had a crush on Power, I’m sorry to break your bubble. She is a dating nightmare in terms of hygiene. She doesn’t even flush the toilet or take a bath, as revealed in Chapter 11. Power, a devil in a human form, believes people are too sensitive to take hygiene seriously. Later, we see her throwing out the parts of her meals that she doesn’t like, particularly the veggies.


Then, as if there was still some hope, Power clarifies in manga Chapter 36 that she treats human and animal meat equally. She even has no problem eating the flesh of zombies who have died. We know that all meat tastes different, even to devils, according to our experience with the bat devil.

Power is just as concerned with the smell from her bathroom as she is with how the meat tastes.

#8. Power’s Capabilities Are Flexible

She can use her blood to forge several weapons, as described in our guide to Power and her abilities in Chainsaw Man. There isn’t a limit to what she can construct, even though she mostly sticks to making straightforward melee weapons like hammers. Her powers go beyond just making things that resemble the projections of Green Lantern.


In the final chapters of the manga, Power manipulates her blood to prevent the Control devil from mending, revealing the full scope of her prowess. In that circumstance, she instructs her blood to behave a certain way, even while it is not within her body. Not to forget, at that point in the manga, Power, as a friend, had already passed away. With her inevitable return, it will be interesting to see how further she can take her blood manipulation.

#9. Power’s Hair Color Is Unknown

Power can’t maintain a consistent hair colour, perhaps as a result of a colouring error or perhaps a result of a creative choice. She has pink hair in some of the coloured comics (like in Chapter 15). Her hair looks blonde in other situations, though (like the cover of Chapter 29).


Many admirers were eager for the anime to debut so they could see her genuine hair colour. Regrettably, the contradiction also appears in the anime. Most of the anime sequences feature her blonde hair, although there are a few where she sports pink hair. As the plot develops, the writers will likely decide on a combination.

#10. The Origin of the Name Power Is Christian

In the Chainsaw Man series, Power’s moniker is the most distinctive. One of the key characters only has one name that isn’t Japanese, and it immediately comes off as superficial. But as Tatsuki Fujimoto, the CSM’s author, revealed during Jump Festa 2021, Power’s name has a convoluted history.


He explained to the audience where Power’s name originated: the Christian order of angels. Middle-order angels known as “Powers” have control over wicked entities. By repressing them, they stop evil from causing harm. Power eventually plays a significant part in defeating the main antagonist in Chainsaw Man’s Public Safety storyline, living up to its name.

Top Facts About Chainsaw Man’s Power

Power in Chainsaw Man is probably the most disorganised anime character of our time if you were to search. You can now fully appreciate the work that went into creating this character because you know so much about her. But if you’re solely interested in the chaos she makes, we advise you to look into Denji from Chainsaw Man. He is Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil’s best friend and Power’s accomplice in crime. Do you consider Power to be a significant figure or only comic relief? Tell us in the remarks section below!

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