How to play themed slot games online

5 lions gold slot

There is no art to playing slot games online and games like 5 Lions Gold slot can be played by anyone. Most gamblers dive straight in and start spinning the reels, but there is a more cautious approach to slot gaming, and this is well worth considering, especially if you are new to slots. 

Picking a Slot 

Choosing a slot these days is like being a kid in a candy shop, there are hundreds of them to choose from and each one has been designed and packaged to look appealing to customers. You can make life easier for yourself by narrowing down the choice to certain themes that appeal to you the most. Film-themed slots are especially easy to get into because if you are familiar with the film, you can expect the main characters and themes of the film to be present in the slot as well. 

Demo Play 

These days online casinos and specialist sites allow punters to practice playing slots. The pros here are that you can learn the mechanics of individual games without risking any of your hard-earned cash. Bonus rounds and special features are all active in demo mode and you can wage both high and low with your imaginary casino balance. 

The cons are that you cannot win any real cash, so if you hit a big win, you could be cursing your good fortune. Once you have mastered all aspects of your slot play and understood the mechanics of these games such as the pay lines and betting ranges, you can then set out to play your favourite themed slots for real. 

Playing Slots for Real 

After experiencing demo play and shortlisting a few themed slots that appeal to you the most, the next step is to hunt down a reputable online casino that supplies all the games you have experimented with for free. Luckily, online casinos organise the slots in lobbies that are very easy to navigate through and some casinos even categorise slots by their themes. 

Before you spin any game, always check your stake, because some games do not load with the minimum stake set up automatically and you could unwittingly make a £20 spin without even knowing it, until it is too late. It is always good to check the game info page before you start playing, just in case you need a reminder of the values of each symbol. 

Themed Slots: A Closer Look 

Themed slots are interesting because they borrow from popular culture. This means they bring familiarity to slots and players can therefore get some idea of what to expect when they play these games. Sometimes an original idea becomes so popular that it becomes a theme itself. A good example of this is the Book-based slots such as Book of Oz and Book of the Irish. These and other book-based games follow the same principles as all the other book-based slots before them, yet they are still hugely popular with the slot-playing public.

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