The History of Online Gambling in Poland

The History of Online Gambling in Poland

Among the top innovations in human history is the internet. The internet offers to entertain, access to information, and money-making opportunities to everyone with access to mobile or computer devices. It is with no doubt that the internet has changed the way we live our lives.

One of the sectors that have benefited immensely from the internet is the online gambling industry. From a small beginning, online gambling has become a multibillion industry. Due to the internet, hundreds of gambling sites provide different products and services to customers. Anyone with internet access can place wagers on sporting events, play poker and play casino games.

We had an engaging session with our gaming expert Klara Czerwinska to teach us more about the history of online gambling in Poland.

The Roots of Online Gambling

The first internet gambling site came to be in the mid-90s. However, these sites were a little inferior to the gambling sites that we have today. Initially, the finest gambling sites began operating far away from Poland. Specifically from Barbuda and Antigua due to the Free Trade and Processing Act. The new bill allowed the Caribbean nation to award licenses to businesses interested in starting online casinos, and this gave birth to a new industry.

Around that time, Microgaming was coming to prominence as one of the largest software providers. In the history of online gambling, Microgaming Company is known to have transformed the industry. The company still ranks among the most reputable software providers up to date.

The History of Online Gambling in Poland

Like several Eastern European countries, the history of gambling in Polish needs to be looked at keenly at what transpired after the fall of the Soviet Union. As Poland transitioned to a free market from a socialist-style economy, the gambling industry nearly collapsed as the government didn’t regulate it.

Luckily, Poland was among the leading countries to pull itself out of the post-communist illness, and by the mid-90s, it had a solid economy once again. In 1992, the government approved a set of laws governing the gambling industry that ran till 2010, when more restrictive gambling laws were set.

What followed was growth in the industry that saw industry experts set up review websites and offer information on various casinos and games. Polish players could now access up-to-date information, expert tips, and reviews of some of the most reputable casinos, and the best free slots through platforms such as darmowe sloty without paying a dime.

Online Gambling: A Gaming Revelation

In online gambling history, another significant development came after the development of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission formed in 1996. The commission was owned and operated by the Mohawk Indian tribe based in Canada, whose primary goal was to issue gaming licenses.

The Rise of Sports Betting

In 1996, InterTops made history and became the first platform to offer a new way for gamblers and fans to stake on their favorite teams. After InterTops was successful, there was a rapid expansion, and within two years, the top bookmakers had opened their gambling sites, including Ladbrokes and William Hill.

These sites gave punters cashback offers and bonuses as gambling rewards online. As the online gambling industry continues to grow, these deals have slowly decreased. However, the present online gambling industry is still a heart for great bonuses if you know where to look in Poland.

The Case of Betfair

Soon after Betfair entered the market, sports betting moved to a new level after the invention of peer-to-peer wagering. This was a unique system that allowed players to place bets among themselves and the gaming site took a commission from each wager.

Two years later, after the formation of Betfair, the online gaming industry welcomed live betting. Since then, live betting has proven popular and an exciting way of sports betting.

The Rise of Online Poker

The first online site to offer poker was Planet Poker. The site was formed in 1998 and gained popularity among most players. However, the site faced several challenges as players used dial-up internet services, which was somehow slow and eventually resulted in download issues.

The site did not last and Paradise Poker, Partypoker, and PokerStars were launched after the fall of Planet Poker. Paradise Poker was launched in 1999 and became the most prominent in the gaming industry. The site started attracting a lot of Poles due to its advanced features.

The legality of Online Gambling in Poland

There were laws that were drafted in 2011, and they were somehow restrictive. The rules emphasized that Polish Punters were not allowed to gamble on any site that was not licensed and given the go-ahead by the Poland government. Licensing still holds as a factor to consider when one wants to select an online casino.

Some of the online gambling sites that the government legalized to operate are sports sites and others that offer fixed-odd betting.

There is no doubt that the internet provides instant access to information, entertainment, and endless opportunities to make money. The online betting industry has gained immensely by maximizing on the internet. Even though few challenges affect the online gambling industry, there is renewed hope for the future as the online gambling business in Poland will continue to grow one way or another.

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