Best Progressive Jackpot Slot Games Today

Best Progressive Jackpot Slot Games Today

One thing has become abundantly clear over the course of human civilization, and that is the fact that us humans just love to gamble. There have been recent archaeological findings that have pointed to the fact that basic gambling games were in circulation as far back as 2000 BC, which just confirms the human love for gambling throughout history. Over the last couple hundred years, however, the emergence of a genuine casino industry has intensified things massively! 

Throughout the 19th century super casinos began to spring up in Europe, buoyed by the immense success of roulette, and then in the 20th century things got even more exciting, with places such as Las Vegas becoming gambling hotspots. Slot machines played a huge part in the success of casino gambling in Las Vegas, especially the crazy world of progressive jackpot slot games. Want to know what the best progressive jackpot slot games at today are? Read on to find out! 

What is a progressive jackpot slot? 

First and foremost, however, what even is a progressive jackpot slot? Well, experienced slot gamblers are bound to know what these types of slot games are, mainly because they give you the chance to win a seriously huge amount of cash. You see, the unique thing about a progressive jackpot slot is that the jackpot amount increases with each losing spin, something that naturally can result in insane jackpot prizes. 

These days there are a few different types of progressive jackpot slots too, and it pays to know about each one. Take a look at the different progressive jackpot slot types below: 

  •         Standalone progressive jackpot slot: A standalone progressive jackpot slot is a machine where each losing spin increases the prize amount, however, unlike other types of progressive jackpot slot it is not connected to any other machine.
  •         Local progressive jackpot slot: With local progressive jackpot slots you could have several slot machines in the same casino connected to the same jackpot, therefore increasing the chances of a massive pot of cash.
  •         Network progressive jackpot slot: These days the most common type of progressive jackpot slot is a network progressive jackpot slot, a game that is connected to potentially millions of other slots. The best example of this is with Microgaming’s Progressive Jackpot Network.

A history of progressive jackpot slots 

Want to know a little about the history of progressive jackpot slots? Well, it all starts with the now-legendary Las Vegas Megabucks progressive jackpot slots, games that have paid out over a million dollars on several occasions now. This is where the concept of progressive jackpots really got popular, and by now they have spread all over the world. 

In the modern world of online slots Microgaming made a huge breakthrough with their Progressive Jackpot Network, something that encouraged more developers to look into the same prize system. 

The best progressive jackpot slot games today 

That’s enough about the framework behind progressive jackpot slots, hold tight for some of the best progressive jackpot slot games today: 

  •         Las Vegas Megabucks
  •         Mega Moolah
  •         Mega Fortune
  •         Mars Attack

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