ACNH Character Breakdown – All You Need To Know About Flick & CJ

ACNH Character Breakdown

Flick and CJ are two new special characters to New Horizons. These two lovable animals replace Nat and Chip who previously handled bugs and fish. The developers gave the two some new roles in New Horizons to keep them fresh and incorporate them into the weekly special character rotation. Are you utilizing Flick and CJ to their utmost potential?

ACNH Character Breakdown

First, let’s start with Flick. This artsy chameleon loves bugs. So much that he’ll buy any bugs you catch with your net for 150%. You can store bugs in your storage, in your house, or around your island if you want to take up space and wait for him to return. Both Flick and CJ fall into the normal bi-weekly rotation of special characters. They each have a chance to show up once every 9 days. So, you could have those bugs sitting in your storage for 9 whole days. If you haven’t upgraded to the 2400 storage, you might want to consider it. He shows up at 5 am and will stick around your island until 5 am the following day. This means that he’s around after Nook’s Cranny is closed. No selling your bugs to the market box that eats 20% of your profit. Along with purchasing your bugs, Flick will also make a statue of whichever bug you choose. These commissions cost 3 bugs of whatever you want him to make. If you want a cool statue, make sure you save up your bugs. You can only request one commission per visit. If you want multiple, you’re going to have to wait for Flick to return. Flick hosts the bug offs that occur four times a year in the summer months. Your goal for the bug off is to catch as many bugs as you can in three minutes. You’ll get one point for every bug you catch and an extra two points if you catch at least three bugs. You’ll find that bugs seem to mysteriously disappear once that timer starts counting down.

There are a few tricks you can do to get bugs to appear quickly. Drop a rotten turnip for almost guaranteed ants to appear. Chop down a couple of trees to make stump bugs appear. Hit up patches of flowers for bugs like butterflies that like to hang around the pretty colors. Make sure you give yourself enough room to run around your island. Those of you with a lot of terraformed land and one path that goes around your entire island might have a hard time getting a lot of points. Every time you accumulate 10 points, you can turn them in for exclusive bug off rewards like Animal Crossing Furniture, clothing, and accessories. Every 100 points you get, you’ll get a trophy: bronze at 100, silver at 200, and gold at 300. These points can accumulate between bug offs and using them to acquire the exclusive items does not reduce your total number of points. Each bug off round costs 500 ACNH Bells except for the first free one.

Next, Mr. CJ. He is the same thing as Flick, but instead of bugs, his obsession lies with fish. And streaming. This one is obsessed with finding huge and rare fish to use as clickbait for his audience. CJ’s random visit has one extra mission over Flick’s. He requires you to complete a seasports challenge. This usually involves catching three fish of a specific size but in a row. So, if he requests a medium fish, you’ve already caught two, and you accidentally catch a large fish, you’ll have to start over and catch three more medium-sized fish. After that, he works just like Flick. He’ll buy your fish for 150% and he’ll commission Flick to create fish statues for you for three of the same fish. They’ll be sent to you in the mail the next day. CJ is also available from 5 am until 5 am the following day so you can sell fish late at night. CJ hosts the Fishing Tourney that occurs four times throughout the year. This works the same as the bug off. These also cost 500 bells per round, but the fish you catch will easily make up for it especially with the 150% profit point on every fish you sell. You’ll get exclusive Fishing Tourney rewards every 10 points with the trophies at their respective point amounts which are the same as the Bug Off. You’ll still get one point per fish and an additional 2 points as a bonus for catching three or more fish. The problem with the Fishing Tourney and the Bug Off is once you get those three hundred points, you’ve done everything there is to do. Unless the developers add more furniture or new rewards, you’ll never have to participate in the events ever again. You get an achievement for participating in each of the tourneys. Though, it wouldn’t be fair to the new people to miss out on the original event rewards if they do indeed change it up. After a while of playtime, the only thing Flick and CJ end up being used for is completing your catalog with the commissions if you’re the type of person that likes to 1000% games. Otherwise, the fish and bugs take up too much room in the storage to bother saving up for Flick’s and CJ’s return to the island. Though if you feel like enjoying a late-night fishing session, it’s nice to know that CJ’s got your back.

We want to see more from them. Specifically, more tourney rewards. Games like Pocket Camp have so many cool furniture and clothing items for participating in events that change up all the time. The game even brings back old items so if you missed out, you could still get them eventually.

That’s all the breakdown on Flick & CJ in Animal Crossing and click HERE to see more!

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