7 Ways to Cheat at Slots

Ways to Cheat at Slots

Slot machines are one of the most popular and profitable casino games. In this regard, since the launch of this entertainment, many people tried to deceive machines to get a higher profit. Modern online slots machines in NZ have a lot of protection and definitely cannot be broken physically. But with land-based online casinos, things are entirely different. And in this article, you can find the most popular ways to hack slot machines.

Ways to Cheat at Slots

Fake Indistinguishable Coins

At some point in developing fraud protection tools, light sensors appeared on slot machines. Scammers and those desiring to cheat came up with a system in which a very similar object in a coin shape was dropped into the coin compartment. There was a failure, after which the cash fell out, and the item remained in the machine, thus allowing gamblers to play for free.

Thanks to modern video slots, this problem is also not encountered today, especially in online casinos where you cannot use physical funds to replenish your gaming balance.

Using Cheat Codes to Hack

Changing the code of real money slots is definitely one of the most popular ideas. In the 90s, one of the scammers managed to do this and, within a couple of years, benefited from the game on an ongoing basis. This scam could have survived for a long time, but the player has won $100,000 at once, which seemed quite suspicious for the administration. After this episode, the creation of slot machines noticed such things, and this defect was eliminated.

Such a trick is not possible in modern online slot machines for several reasons:

  • online slot machines have many protections, including encryption, which eliminates the possibility of hacking;
  • the commission for monitoring the online casinos’ work very carefully monitors suspicious activity and instantly checks it

Thus, this method is more of a historical flaw than an action guide.

Counterfeit Money to Use in a Slot Machine

Counterfeit money has always existed, and at some point, people decided to use it in slot machines. This worked great and allowed them to get actual money, although the game used colored paper, which depicted the required monetary value.

Modern casino slots in NZ are devoid of such shortcomings, and this scam is irrelevant today. However, it was a good lesson for the casino owners to get rid of this possible fraud mechanism.

Hacking With a Magnet

Ways to Cheat at Slots Game

At one time, scammers resorted to the help of a magnet to control the rotation of the game reels and be able to get the necessary combinations. Modern slot machines do not have this drawback since it’s impossible to proceed with this trick online. This method of fraud works only for those slot machines where the gaming process occurs physically.

Replacement of Innards to Control the Flow of the Game

One of the popular ways to influence the course of the game in the past was to replace the internal chip. Fraudsters put the chip in a way that it constantly generated winning combinations. Thus, the win slots process was quite easy until this scam scheme was made public. After that, the defense mechanisms became strengthened to avoid this in the future.

Impressive Banknote Changer

With the help of such a device, fraudsters could put $1 bills into the bill acceptor, but the slot machine thought it was a $100 bill. Due to the installation of checking sensors, this problem was eliminated. However, a lot of money was stolen from gaming clubs in the 90s.

Software Failure

With the help of specific combinations of bets, it is possible to make a program fee in which the slot machine constantly gives the winnings to the player. One of the most famous cases of software failure in slots occurred in 2015. The 91-year-old pensioner was able to win $41 million this way. But the prize was never received, even though the woman tried to justify her name through the court for 3 years.

Unfortunately for passionate gamblers, there are no tricks on how to deceive online slots and other gambling games. Due to the RNG and high-quality protection technologies, it’s impossible to cheat. So, the players can only rely on their good luck!

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