What You Need To Read Before Buying Nintendo eShop Cards

As a Nintendo user you definitely want to take advantage of Nintendo Gift Card also called Nintendo eShop Cards. These gift cards come with a lot of benefits, with these gift cards you’ll be able to buy 1000’s of game titles without the need to buy the physical product itself. Some users aren’t aware that they can actually buy Nintendo Gift Cards online or they can even request the cards from the loved ones. The Nintendo eShop cards are available in multiple units, both small and higher units are available, you can buy $10 Nintendo Gift Cards, $20, $50 or higher units that are suitable for you.

Nintendo Gift Cards are one of the best gift cards you can send to your loved ones and the good thing is that when you order the cards, they’ll be delivered instantly, you just need to redeem the codes or send to your loved ones so that they can redeem in their account. With that said let’s take a look at some important things you need to keep in mind when buying Nintendo Gift Card or Nintendo eShop cards.

Nintendo Gift Cards When Redeemed, Can Be Used To Buy Any Product From Nintendo Eshop.

The Nintendo Gift Card can be used to buy any hardware or application from the eShop store, the cards make it easier to order from the comfort of your home or using your mobile device. It’s a simple procedure to redeem the cards and once the money is deposited in your account, they won’t expire and you can shop whenever you want.

Make sure you’re buying from a reputed seller

You can buy the cards from various dealers and the leading retailer for the Nintendo eShop cards is Amazon. You can get your Nintendo Gift Cards from retailers for as low as $5. When buying on Amazon, make sure to check for reviews, read what others are saying regarding the seller before adding the cards to cart. This way you’re guaranteed the cards will be delivered to you instantly after placing the order.

Nintendo Gift Cards can be locked

What I mean here is that before ordering your gift cards make sure that the currency dominance on the card is the same as the account you’re trying to redeem the card, and also if you’re sending to love ones, you need to confirm from them the currency they’re using on their account. If you have a Nintendo Gift Card in U.S, it might not be possible to use it in European regions that are using Euro. But hypothetically, a new account can be created to redeem the cards, you don’t want to spend more time doing this. Just order your Nintendo Gift Cards in your own local currency.

 You can pay for your subscriptions using the Nintendo Gift Card

Just like other gaming consoles, they offer subscriptions to users, one thing that makes Nintendo stand out from other consoles is that they provide subscriptions for families, for only $34.99/year, the subscription can be used by up to 8 accounts.

If you’re just interested in purchasing for only one account, it costs only $3.99/month, $7.99/3Months or $19.99/year. If you want to play games very cheap you should definitely consider paying for the Nintendo subscription, and you’ll be able to do that from the eShop.

Nintendo Gift Cards are available in different units

You don’t necessarily have to order the Nintendo eShop cards in larger units, as we’ve mentioned previously, the cards are available for as low as $5 and up to $70 or more. Even the smallest unit can be used to pay for the monthly subscription or order other cheap accessories and games.

Where To Buy Nintendo Gift Cards

Amazon; As mentioned earlier, Amazon is the first place you want to check when it comes to buying Nintendo Gift Card. You can find your cards in almost every unit, right from $5 to $70.

BestBuy; This should be your second option and they have been selling Nintendo eShop cards for a while now. They also sell the Nintendo Gift Card in both small and larger unites, right from $5 to $70 Nintendo Gift Cards.

Gamestop; The start unit at Gamestop is $10, you might not find the $5 cards and you’ll find higher units for up to $99 which can hardly be found in other stores online.

Walmart; they’re also good retailers when it comes to Nintendo Gift Cards, order your cards from Walmart they’ll be delivered to your email instantly. Starting unit is $6 and can order up to $70.

All these are good online retailers that give you the option to order Nintendo Gift Cards in various units, you’ll never run out of options when ordering from these sources. Avoid ordering your cards from unknown sources online or at least make some research before placing your order.

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