Alert about fake messages related to GST returns

In recent times, when the people are severely impacted by the closure of business in the lockdown, they are targeted by certain frauds to get GST refunds. There has been a spread of fake messages across different platforms about getting GST refunds.Before knowing about how to prevent yourself from these frauds, let’s understand about GST refunds: Also study about different types of GST for more clarity.

What is a GST refund?

When the businessman pays GST more than the GST liability, then the taxpayers can claim for getting GST refunds. Mostly, GST refunds can be claimed when the taxpayer has paid excess tax by mistake, or he has to receive any input-tax credit.

These are some circumstances when you claim for GST refunds:

  • If the businessman has to receive a rebate or refund on the dealer’s Exports.
  • You can claim GST refunds on ITC accumulation due to output being tax exempt or nil-rated
  • When you want to receive a refund of tax paid on purchases made by Embassies or UN bodies
  • You can also claim for tax Refund for International Tourists
  • Finalization of provisional assessment

In any of the cases, the taxpayers can, however, claim for GST refunds online through the official portal of GST.

Do’s and Don’t for preventing yourself from frauds about GST returns:

Do’s for claiming GST refunds:

  1. To claim GST refunds, visit the official GST portal by clicking on
  2. If you have a query regarding GST refund or you want to know anything about the process of GST refunds, you can click
  3. As per the official information, the authorities will never ask you any information about your personal details for GST refunds.
  4. If there are any updates about the process of GST refunds, the government notifies about the same. You can get the latest information about the update on news and update section on the official web portal of GST.
  5. Before responding to any messages for GST refunds, you must contact GST helpdesk by calling on toll-free number 1800-103-4786.

The circulation of fake messages through WhatsApp, Email and SMS are claiming for the process of GST refunds and asking you for your personal details, KYC, Address and also refund details. It can cause you severe financial losses. Thus, it would be best if you refrained from doing these activities to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cyber fraud.

Don’t for GST Refunds:

  1. It is advisable to not respond to any message claiming to process GST refunds as they are fraudulent.
  2. It would help if you also refrained from opening any link or attachment in the same message as you can quickly get trapped by it.
  3. Even, never fill any details about GST refunds on any platform except the official portal of GST(Goods and Services Tax).
  4. If the circulated message asks you to call on any specific number for claiming GST refunds, you should never do that.
  5. Lastly, if any source with similar portal names and interface claims for GST refunds you must not believe it.

Conclusion: It is thus advisable that taxpayers remain cautious about any such fraudulent message and must always use the GST portal for claiming refunds or doing any GST related activity.

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