8 Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

We may plan many things in life, but life has its way to deal with it. It doesn’t mean that we stop planning. It is just that we should take precautions before planning. Traveling is one such aspect of our life that is filled with both thrills and unforeseen incidents. Travel insurance can offer protection from such travel-related losses.

Either short or lavish, all of us plan a vacation almost frequently. We travel solo or with friends and family. Travel does not always go as predicted. It comes with its vulnerabilities. Unexpected turns can lead to an accident or loss of assets. Opting for travel insurance is hence, a wise precautionary act.

Most travel insurances assure that all the losses during the journey will be covered. These include both medical and non-medical expenses. Besides, travel insurance can be a savior on foreign land.

Here are 8 reasons to buy travel insurance without fail:

Reimbursement for Lost luggage:

We love pleasant surprises during travel. However, a loss of baggage is in no way fun. Despite making every arrangement, a loss of baggage can hit us mentally and impact all our schedules.

Loss of baggage can happen at any step of travel:

  • Theft at the airport carousel.
  • Damage to the bag due to unwarranted conditions during transit.
  • Theft of luggage in taxi or transport services.
  • Someone from the hotel might also show their skill in stealing luggage.

Travel insurances offer protection from theft of luggage in two ways:

  • Temporary loss – where the policy releases an amount only for the essentials in your luggage.
  • Permanent Loss – where the policy covers for the whole value of the luggage, including all the items.

Depending on the travel needs, you will have the option to choose this coverage while finalizing your travel insurance.

Acts as a Friend:

Travel insurance is not always about planning for unforeseen expenses. Travel insurance can act as our aide on foreign lands.

It works the same way as mutual of Omaha insurance, which ensures help for you at any time on foreign land. Irrespective of the emergency, a user can always approach the toll-free number for immediate assistance.

Because of their global presence, claims can be easily made. Users are always a few clicks away from obtaining travel insurance benefits provided they choose reputed travel insurance companies.

Travel Insurance

Third-Party Liability:

Some travel insurance policies come with a third-party liability option too. It means in case of any damage to a third party because of us; the insurance company shall bear the expenses. Such features prevent us from panicking when untoward incidents happen in faraway places.

Another advantage of this feature is we can save ourselves from getting exploited by the locals. Travel insurance company agents will help avoid all the nuances related to language, demand, and other aspects involved in such turmoil conditions.

The best feature of travel insurance is that it’s cashless & the whole process runs transparently. Thus, we can stay with peace of mind.

Protection Against Trip Cancellation and Interruption:

Traveling is not a matter of a small expense. Hotel rooms, food, flight charges add up to a hefty amount.

When our trip is canceled due to any reason, most of the time, not all these become reimbursable. It is in such cases that travel insurance helps beyond our expectations. Insurance companies provide a list of situations where they would cover the trip cancellation amount.

They cover almost all factors, including unforeseen reasons such as sickness and injury, or flight delays and cancellation due to natural disasters like floods and hurricanes.

Insurance is a Mandatory feature:

Many countries mandate travel insurance for their visitors. At the very step of the visa application, one has to show the travel insurance document. There are cases where visas get rejected in the absence of supporting travel insurance.

So, it is important to check with the visa terms and conditions of the country of travel and take travel insurance. Irrespective of whether it is mandatory or not, travel insurance is always advised for tourists visiting foreign lands.

Credit Card Theft Refunds:

Imagining that someone would use our credit or Forex Card without our knowledge is a scary scenario. Foreign places can be risky for travelers in terms of thefts and robberies. Foreigners are always a target for thieves, which can create nightmares for travelers.

In such a situation, owning travel insurance helps beyond our imagination. A call or click on our insurance company’s website would guide us and get us out of the situation. Within no time after their assistance, the money will be transferred to us.

Medical Evacuation

Medical evacuation, or medivac or medevac in short, is an add-on with travel insurance that we should opt for.  Under Medevac in travel insurance, a tourist can be transported to another hospital in case if the treatment is not available in the current one. The insurance provider bears the transportation costs that accompany this change of hospital.

Some travel insurances also offer coverage for an emergency airlift and flights equipped with emergency medical services to the country of origin. However, this coverage may vary with insurance providers.

This medivac add-on in travel insurance comes handy when traveling with elders, pregnant ladies, children or any individuals who might have pre-existing ailments and demand immediate medical assistance.

Travel insurance covers Legal Advice and Expenses:

Travel to new lands may involve legal aspects we may not be prepared for. For instance, facing an accident and ending up in a hospital as a foreigner might need legal procedures that would be out of our knowledge.

Similarly, in cases of theft or harassment, we might be needed to lodge a police complaint to proceed to further steps. Thus, travel insurance covers all such legal expenses giving immense relief to us in new lands.


Amidst this busy life, a vacation sure excites everyone. Be it a professional or personal journey; having travel insurance is a fruitful decision.

We should make sure to choose a proven travel insurance company. Similarly, it is important to opt for riders and options that might unexpectedly help us. Also, our travel insurance should be according to our travel budget and help us with our medical history. Only then, we would obtain the fullest benefits of our travel insurance.

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