How To Choose The Right Top For Your Body Shape

Right Top For Your Body Shape
Right Top For Your Body Shape

You know fitting has been a severe issue for many customers. Women usually complain about fitting as without proper and perfect fitting they would not look attractive. How you will buy perfect and proper dresses for you? It will be explained here. You should know that women have different body shapes.

Therefore, they can’t buy properly fitting dresses for them. You should know all women’s body shapes before going to Choose the Right Top For Your Body Shape to make show off your appearance.

Body Types

Four body types will be discussed here.

  • Pear Type
  • Apple Type
  • Hourglass Type
  • Athletic Type

Pear-Shaped Body type

In this type of body shape, your waist would be wider than your bust.

This type of body shape has a narrow shoulder in comparison to hips.

It has a fuller rear and hips. Sundresses fit this type of body perfectly and are must haves for the women’s wardrobe.

Hourglass Shaped Body Type

This body type is curvy with a well define waist and bust and hips measurements are roughly even. This type has fuller hips, bust, and thighs.

Apple Typed Body Shape

This body type is well proportioned in which shoulders are broader than hips. It doesn’t have a well-defined waistline. If you have such a body type womens cotton tops will suit you well.

Athletic Shaped Body Type

This typed of body-shaped has the same measurements of hips and shoulders. Its waist isn’t very small but rather straight up and down. In this type of body, weight is distributed evenly throughout the body. These are the basic body types and you should know which body type you belong to so that you may not have an inconvenience afterward.

The second thing that you need to do is to measure your size before going to shop for any dress or top. You should know that size also matters a lot concerning fitting. You know every woman has a different body shape and size. Different ways can be used to measure body size.

How to measure your size? You should be very careful about your size measurement when you are going to shop hot dresses for women in the UK. In this regard, clothing tape is recommended as it is thought better than a metal scale for measurement. While doing body measurement put the tape neither too tight nor loose.

 Shoulder Measurement

Shoulder measurement is rather difficult as it is tricky to put the tape where you want to hold it on. You can get help from any other person who is near you. Begin the measurement from the end of the shoulder and then take it to the other side of the shoulder till the extreme sides intersect the nib of the same shoulder. In this way, you will be able to measure the widest end of your shoulder.

Measurement of Bust

Stand straight before you measure your bust. First, you should measure the

fullest part of your bust. Measurement of the bust is necessary if you want to purchase womens summer tops for you.

Put one end of the tape at the fullest part by wrapping it around the shoulder to bring back to the start. In this way, you will have your bust size.

Measurement of Waist

Neither slump your stomach nor pull it in and stand up as straight as possible. First, measure the slimmest part of your waist above your belly button and under the rib cage. Wrap the tape around your belly and take it back to the point where you started first. If you are in the habit of wearing clothes under your belly button and make a note of the number.

 Measurement of Hip

You should measure the circumference of the fullest part of your buttocks to measure your hips. Begin with one end of the hip and take it from the back to the other hip. Then take it to the initial point where you started first. To avoid any inconvenience, you are suggested to do this process  in front of the mirror.

Tips to Dress up for Apple Body Shape

In this body shape most of the body weight is above the hip, the mid-riff looks heavier than the rest of the body with the least waistline. So, the idea is that ignore that part of the body and highlight your strengths. Then show off your legs and put on the dress with V or deep V necklines that created an elongated illusion of the torso. Follow this while wearing women’s fashion tops to look stylish and trendy.

Ideal Dresses for Apple Shaped Body

If you have Apple Shape Body A-line or empire cut would suit you better. Besides these printed dresses, printed jackets are also perfect to flatter your appearance. Moreover, monochrome looks, dark shades, ¾ sleeves, and flowy tops would serve the purpose well. As you have broad shoulder and bigger bustline you need to wear the perfect bra.

Tips to Dress an Hourglass Body Shape

An Hourglass body type is a well-balanced figure. Such a dress is ideal for this body type that sits well at the right curves and follows the outline of these curves. Some recommend cheap summer tops to serve the purpose.

Best Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape

Dresses that sit at the waist are ideal for this body type.

Tips to Dress for Pear Body Shape

The main feature of this body type is that it can create the image of an hourglass shape if styled properly. In this body type shoulders are narrow and hips are wide. Here you need to create a balance. Such dresses that show off the lower body should choose to wear.

Best Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type

Wide-Legged Pants, A-line Skirts, patterned dresses, ruffled tops that flatter to the upper body are suitable. Skinny jeans with loose tops work to create an hourglass illusion. Apart from these, Crop tops, sweetheart, V, or deep—V, scoop, or boat neck are good enough to balance your bottom out. Avoid skin fitting tops and loose bottoms if you have a pear-shaped body type. Follow this tip while wearing cheap tops for women during summer.


How you can choose tops for your body shaped has been mentioned in detail. You just measure your body size and know which body top you belong to. This is the comprehensive and perfect way how to choose the Right Top For Your Body Shape to look flatter.

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