Real Ideas to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Using Your Body

Make Money on OnlyFans Without Using Your Body

Serotypes are what we assume something is, when we judge something before getting to know it, or when we anticipate outcomes and results before experiencing things. The same thing is applied to OnlyFans. You can’t judge the platform if you have not used it yet or heard some bad comments and did not bother to double-check. Here we will tell you what no one has told you before, that is, you can make money without using your body, and we have some ideas for you. Here you can check out austinchronicles’ article about VR porn sites.

Make Money on OnlyFans Without Using Your Body

How to Get Started?

You would not believe us if we said you could choose any content you wish. You can be the coach, the gamer, or the cook you have always wanted to be. But how to get started? and what to choose? Well, that is easy, start with what you know best and keep improving it. If you know how to fix things or if you are obsessed with travel stories, both can be used as content with a little bit of care and dedication.

First, you need to set up an account and ensure it is perfect. Starting with your profile picture and ending with your information about yourself. Then you need to choose a niche (The type of content you will be doing). Here the sky is the limit, especially since we have just told you that you can start anywhere. That sounds pretty exciting, right! Let’s waste no time and cover some ideas for you to apply.


Once again, assumptions would mislead people. They would think that games can’t be acceptable or favorable content, whether because they have been applied on other social media platforms or because they are childish, and it won’t get that much attention. Well, both assumptions are wrong. As a gamer, you can join OnlyFans and deliver your content with pride and respect.

You can post your gameplay, game reviews, and suggestions. You can also have live streams to discuss games with your followers. There are no limits here. Users have all kinds of interests and likings, do not think that your content won’t be appreciated if you have not given it a chance.

Makeup and Beauty

Both men and women struggle to find out what to do with their time since most of them can’t go outside nowadays. Recently, they have found an effective way to spend their time, that is, makeup tutorials. That might sound weird, but it is true. Makeup and beauty are always a trend.

People do not get enough of it, no tips or tricks are ever too much, and people are always craving more cues of how to look prettier, younger, and more energetic. If you have what it takes and if you know how to blend, blend, blend! or if you can draw two matched eyeliner wings from your first try, then what are you waiting for? Join the platform and help people with their makeup and skincare routine.

Personal Trainer

People who have been using Only Fans for some good time now would know that the idea of personal trainers on the platform is essential. The existence of a professional who is ready to share his expertise and secret workouts to help improve health and lifestyle is wildly desirable.

This is the perfect alternative for gyms since people can’t go and exercise outside their houses, then why don’t we bring the gym to them? If you have worked in a gym before or if you have been helping your friends work out for as long as you can remember this could be your chance if you are ready for the challenge!

Cooking and Travel

This is the ultimate combination that anybody would love to see. No one ever gets tired of cooking tutorials. This is wholesome, new meals, new tricks, and new DIY in the kitchen. But what if we add some travel spices! Your content would be on fire! If you already know how to cook or if you want to learn, you can share your daily meals while adding some travel stories.

Maybe you can start what is called “Meals from around the world” where you can choose a country and cook its famous dishes while streaming some facts and stories about that country in the background. No one will ever say no to this, and people will pay for it.


These were some ideas for you to consider. You do not have to pick what we offer you here. But you can start there and think of what you can do? What will be your signature on the platform? Take your time and choose carefully.

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