Flixanity: One app to watch for all you can


Flixanity is one of those online movie platforms is very can watch any movies and TV shows for free! The movies uploaded on the platform are in HD quality and can be streamed instantaneously

Features of Flixanity app

  1. It’s free

This is probably the best part about the app, there are no free trials know any subscriptions just visit the website and start watching right away, no charges.

  1. HD Content

Apart from being free, the website has a catalogue of all movies in HD format so that you have the best possible viewing experience on your device. You can have watch in either of the two qualities: HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p)

  1. No signup required

No email ids, no need for creating account, no verification needed. Just visit the website www.flixanity.app and start watching right away. If you want to create your own list of watching and get personalized recommendations you can register for free

How to use Flixanity?

Initially Flixanity game as a app for Android uses only, but now it is accessible directly via website (www.flixanity.app) so that it can be streamed  on a platforms without any issues.

Not able to access Flixanity?

if you are not able to access Flixanity through your browser, then there is a high probability that the website has been blocked by ISP for piracy purposes. However, there is solution for that as well.

Download proton VPN

  • Download and install Proton VPN (it’s free)
  • After launching, you may want to create an account in order to access the application
  • On the dashboard, from the list of available service, choose any random server and click connect
  • Once connection has been established, check your internet speed (visit fast.com) to ensure that adequate speed is getting from server
  • Launch discord and connect to server again

Still not working? Try these alternatives

The website has been taken down multiple times due to copyright infringement issues,  and hence you cannot depend upon just one for your entertainment. These alternatives works just as well as Flixanity.

Popcorn time

Popcorn time is another movie platform that provides wide range of movies and TV shows that are easily accessible at one click it can be accessed via their application which is available for all platforms. So just download the app from their website and start streaming.


If you like anime. then this site is for you. It is one of the most popular platforms for anime lovers. You will find various anime titles that are accessible in HD all at once. This is no need for download any app, just visit the website and start watching.


Couchtuner is another popular streaming platform that provides free access to movies and TV shows at one click. The site gets updated regularly so that you don’t have to wait for new episodes to upload. However, the website is filled with ads and they may pop up in the middle and can ruin your experience, but still, all available at one place, free of charge!

So here is a review for Flixanity and the other alternatives so that you always get an uninterrupted watching experience.


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