5 Amazing sci fi comics you should check out this April

Amazing sci fi comics

Ah, comic books. What feelings and thoughts are evoked when you hear that word mentioned?

If you’ve only ever encountered science fiction in novels and movies, then you have no idea what’s awaiting you with sci-fi comics this August. The sci-fi comic world has certainly made remarkable strides in the last few years.  The comic books available these days are more imaginative, wittier, stimulating creations- and they’re taking the world by storm.

There is an impressive abundance of wonderful stories being released frequently or are already available that are worth checking out. What was previously associated with geeky teens and dorks has now become a respected worldwide phenomenon (comic con anyone?).

At some strange point in the late 2oth century, it became acceptable, even respectable in some circles, for grownups to also obsess over comics. Back in the 70s, comics were the stuff of childish imagination. It was regarded as a mark of immaturity and mental regression for adults to read comics in place of proper books.

It’s easy to see why people these days are crazy over their sci-fi comic books. Some would even say that it was inevitable for millennials especially, that grew up with constant visual imagery from the smartest of phones to accept picture stories in comics as a rich and valuable literary form. Comics really do make for some enthralling and entertaining adult reading.

Comics, especially sci-fi ones are designed to transport you to a whole new world. Plus, science fiction has become more relatable over the years. Seeking to capture wider audiences, comic book creators are creating more universal characters with relevant storylines that do not need readers to have extensive knowledge of quantum physics or artificial intelligence.

Sci-fi comics these days also include an array of themes such as looming doom, teamwork & friendship, the forces of good facing off against those of evil, love, hate, climate change, governance and leadership, and so much more. As such, there is something for everyone.

If you are looking for something worth reading this August, here are 5 amazing sci fi comics you should check out this August:

The Dreaming: Waking Hour

If you have been a longtime fan of the critically acclaimed Sandman Universe, then you cannot let The Dreaming: Waking Hours pass you by this summer. Slated as the next chapter of this DC Comics marvel, The Dreaming is a new series created by award-winning writer G. Willow Wilson (Wonder Woman); Nick Robles and Mat Lopes are the talents behind the impressive artwork.

The Dreaming will explore what occurs when one of Dream’s perfectly crafted diabolical dreams escapes out into the real world. The series follows the protagonist Ruin, as he explores the outside world through the dreams of Lindy, a Shakespearean scholar and new mother struggling to keep it together amidst her post-partum blues.   The series debuts in August so you’ll want to ensure that you keep an eye out for it.

Far Sector

Another one of DC Comics’ many sci-fi offerings, Far Sector is already in its 7th issue and follows Green Lantern. The name N.K Jemisin needs no introduction as she is often described as the best sci-fi novelist of our generation; a title she deserves fully. This is Jemisin’s first exploration into the world of comic books but it seems as though she’s always been in the space with Far Sector.

Jemisin’s exceptional writing is made even more outstanding by Jamal Campbell’s dramatic art. This DC Comics selection is part sci-fi mystery and part annotation on the state of our society today. You will not be disappointed.


Released on August 5th, this brand new monthly series by Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee will have you engrossed from start to finish. Firepower follows Owen Johnson, who holds strong firepower within him that’s destined to save humankind. But Owen Johnson doesn’t want to be the savior- he just wants to spend time with his wife and kids.

However, unseen forces seem determined to make his dream of suburbia life impossible. Threats lurk everywhere as Owen does his best to navigate the hand that’s been dealt to him. The story stands out easily but the art? The art will capture you with every turn of the page. Aside from the mood and style of the art, you will also appreciate the crisp dialogue. Truly a great read.

Adventure man

Written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson, Adventure packed is one way to describe this sci-fi comic. There is more adventure jam-packed into the debut issue than you would find in whole volumes so you can be sure that you will be getting value for both your time and money with this one.

November: Book Two

November is the story of three women-one a survivor, the other a good Samaritan, and the last one is besieged by her uselessness- which makes for quite an interesting read. A single phone call for assistance one epic night sends the lives of these 3 women, who have nothing in common save their shared bad luck and twist of fate, in a dizzying series of events.

These 3 women must do everything that they can to survive but will they succeed?  Because this story is non-chronological, there is a good chance that we won’t get to understand the plot fully until all three volumes are complete. However, in the meantime, do enjoy the fascinating visual storytelling that this comic book has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Most people grew up watching TV shows and films featuring spaceships, time travel, robots and of course epic battles; seriously, what’s not to love? In a society that is becoming more and more science-fictional by the day, sci-fi comics are becoming more and more popular. After all, these days we have cleaning robots and cars that can drive themselves at our disposal; whoever would have thought it a possibility?

Sci-fi comics and fantasy creations, in general, expand our imagination while planting seeds of great innovations. It is because of science fiction that we dare to dream of time travel or making life habitable on Mars. So if you are in the market for something new to occupy your time this August, these comics above will suit a wide range of readers. Enjoy!

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