Writing journals made easy

Writing journals made easy

Writing journals made easy:

Whenever you feel like putting down your thoughts on a paper, all you need to do is take out your diary and start scribbling. Journal writing is kind of the same thing only that it is a little bit more structured. A journal can be something that captures the essential moments of your life which you would feel like revisiting at a later stage. Although, putting ideas and memories to paper isn’t a very new thing, recently there has been an urge to digitalise this activity.

Moving to a digital platform

With the advent of technology, journal writing has also switched to an online platform wherein people can type in their thoughts instead of writing them on a paper. There are often a lot of challenges that we face while writing journals, some of them being deciding on the topic and feeling hesitant in opening up. Moving to an online platform solves many of these issues. Let us look at a few advantages that online journal writing has over the traditional paper writing style.

Online journal writing vs Traditional paper-based journal writing

  1. Security – One of the major challenges that a journal writer faces is the fear of security. What if a personal journal, which is only meant for the writer himself, is being read by someone else? Often while writing embarrassing memories, writers are hesitant in opening up and writing the truth. With online journal writing, this issue gets addressed as online journal are stored up in databases and can be accessed by one those people who have the credentials to login. This gives a sense of security to the writers and enable them create true and genuine content.
  2. Customized Portals – Often writers get stuck up while deciding the topic on which they want to write journals. Even after writers decide on the journal topic, the starting words don’t come too easily. Here’s where customized portals become helpful. Online journaling applications have a variety of customized formats based on every category. This not only makes it easy to select a topic but also helps overcome the initial barrier. Some applications also have date-wise formats wherein users can add their memories.
  3. Go Paperless – The traditional journal style involves a lot of paperwork. People write journals on dairies and notebooks where a lot of paper is used. Online journal writing allows us the facility to go paperless. Reduced used in paper would of course contribute to a lot of environmental factors and by moving online you could probably play your part in saving nature.
  4. Accessibility – If you are on a long vacation and you forgot to take your diary along, you would miss out on your journal writing. So if you are on a vacation or are travelling, you would have to carry along your diary. Online journal writing, on the other hand can be done with the help of your smartphones. So, your online diary is accessible anywhere you go.
  5. Cloud Storage – If you are a frequent journal writer, you would surely face the problem of piling up your diaries. Since diaries are physical notebooks, they need space to be stored. Online journal writing gives you the feature of storing your diaries on a cloud storage which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

These were the 5 major advantages of online journal writing when compared to the traditional way. Journal writing, irrespective of whether it is online or offline, is a great way to regulate your emotions and keep yourself energized throughout the day. It has positive psychological benefits and often helps in connecting with people in a better way. Moreover, it can be called as a way of making memories. Not completely convinced? Try starting off with an online journal and you would see the benefits straightaway!

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