Reasons Why CBSE Fares Better Than ICSE Board


CBSE or ICSE? This simple question is often the biggest dilemma for most parents. Apart from the respective State Boards, the CBSE and ICSE are the two most popular boards ruling the Indian education system.

However, the purpose of our article isn’t to highlight the differences between CBSE and ICSE to help you decide which is best for your child. Our article rather examines why students should choose CBSE over ICSE. But first, let’s understand the basics of these educational boards.

ICSE & CBSE Boards: Big Guns of Indian Education

There is a common misconception that CBSE and ICSE boards are very similar. However, experts from CBSE schools in Chennai, such as Babaji Vidhyashram School, state that both boards differ in terms of the core patterns and outcomes.

The CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education is a national level educational board managed and controlled by the Indian Government. The ICSE or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is a private board managed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

Both boards ensure high-quality education and practices that prepare students for life beyond the school campus. However, closer inspection reveals that both boards approach education differently.

The ICSE board focuses on practical knowledge, while CBSE leans towards theoretical knowledge. Anyone who has studied under ICSE will tell you about the complexities of the syllabus, as each subject is explored in in-depth detail. On the other hand, CBSE is easier to tackle and is ideal for students aspiring for competitive exams in India.

So, what gives CBSE the better edge? Let’s delve into further details.

5 Reasons Why CBSE Board Has The Upper Hand

  1. Level of ease

Like we mentioned earlier, CBSE is easier to handle, compact, and well-structured than ICSE. Developed by the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training), the CBSE syllabus is more inclined towards Science and Mathematics. The entire curriculum is organised in a flow and does not go into complex details.

The ICSE syllabus, on the other hand, is more detailed and application-oriented. It focuses more on lab and project work, which is why 20% of the marks are allotted for internal assessment.

  1. The pedagogy

The CBSE syllabus is a balance between art, science, and humanities. It has the upper hand in theoretical knowledge, which is advantageous for competitive exam preparations. The syllabus prepared students to tackle tough exams like JEE, NEET, and other bank exams.

Since the ISCE syllabus is application-based and leans towards management, art and literature, it is more suitable for exams like TOEFL.

  1. Recognition and acceptability

Of course, both boards are very popular in India, although the CBSE board is more recognised. When it comes to acceptability, CBSE had the upper hand. CBSE board marks are valued and accepted in all institutions and universities in India. If you have good scores in your 10th or 12th CBSE board exams, you shouldn’t have any difficulties getting admission to good institutions.

  1. Transferability

Does your job require you to frequently relocate between states and cities? If so, the CBSE syllabus is your safest bet. There are hundreds of CBSE schools nationwide and in foreign countries like the UAE, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iran, and Malaysia. It isn’t easy to find as many schools that offer ISCE syllabus in the country.

  1. Inclusion of private candidates

The CBSE Board allows private candidates who do not belong to any CBSE-affiliated schools to appear for CBSE board exams. However, the same is not valid for the ISCE syllabus. Students appearing for ICSE board exams must belong to an ISCE-affiliated institution.

The Final Say

Now that we’ve explained the details, it is easy to see why CBSE is the popular choice for most parents in India. The syllabus has a student-centred approach and prioritises conceptual understanding rather than rote learning. In a nutshell, CBSE is an ideal choice for the 21st-century student.


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