What’s the best way to get started in Event Planning?

As the demand for corporate, fundraising, social and virtual events is soaring worldwide, the event planning industry is growing at a magnificent velocity. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of people related to the event industry is expected to increase by 8 percent between 2019 and 2029. It has also been found in the survey that the job outlook for professionals with event planning courses is way better than others without any degree in the field. Although it’s not obligatory, a degree in an event management program can provide you an edge over competitors. Therefore, a course in event planning is the best way to get started in event management.

Is it a good idea to take up an event planning course?

Absolutely! Events are getting better with time and present innumerable opportunities to make money while working independently or under some event management company. Besides this, individuals from different educational backgrounds can take up an event planning course to start their career as an event planner. Although employers give more weightage to individuals with a professional degree in event planning, passion, skills, and dedication play an equal role in a successful career in the area.

Another benefit of opting for an event planning course is that it does not involve a considerable investment to earn a degree. Additionally, it is not similar to 9-5 monotonous jobs and professionals can enjoy flexibility and independence to work. The event planning industry is an area that requires skills, such as good management, strong communication, listening, organizing, networking, problem-solving, critical thinking, negotiation, budgeting, a knack for detailed planning, and multitasking to execute an event successfully. Ambitious professionals can only achieve these skills and in-depth knowledge in the field by attending an event management school.

Which is the best place to pursue an event planning course?

With some top event management institutes, Canada’s Montreal is the best place to take up event management courses. Montreal colleges prepare students with event planning, organizing, communication, teamwork, leadership skills. Event management colleges in Montreal provide a palette of specializations in the field of event planning.

From Event and Venue management to Show and Event Management, aspiring event planners can enroll in the course of their interest. These programs equip candidates with the expertise and experience essential to thrive in the entertainment and management industries. The courses are gaining popularity as they are helpful in the development of entrepreneurial, management, and administrative skills.

Montreal also organizes one of the top annual musical events in Canada- Jazz Fest. In this festival, artists from different parts of the world participate in more than 650 concerts. Apart from this, Canada provides event planners an opportunity to immigrate to the country on a Permanent Residency Visa, irrespective of a job offer. If you have passion and interest in organizing events on a large scale, Canada is the right place to kickstart your journey to a successful career in the event planning industry. So, explore event planning courses in Montreal and make a well-informed decision for a promising career in the industry.

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