Some Amazing SCORM Facts That You Need to Know


When you look for a new learning management system, you would want to look for a LMS that is SCORM compliance because of the amazing benefits it provides. You can upload your SCORM compliant course and it will work on your system without any issues. SCORM provides plug-and-play functionality, which means you can create the course and distribute on a large number of platforms. You can distribute the content easily, make it more engaging, track the progress and do many things through a SCORM compliant LMS.

Although SCORM is considered as a technical aspect, you shouldn’t ignore knowing about it especially if you are handling employee training in your organization. Knowledge about SCORM makes you more relevant and competent about eLearning. To help you know more about SCORM, we have listed some amazing facts about the same.

1)SCORM was developed more than a decade ago:

Many feel that creating content for eLearning can be a daunting task. But it was even difficult 16 years ago when SCORM was first developed. During those days, developing content and distributing it on multiple platforms was difficult and expensive at the same time. So, content developers, course organizers, and trainers used to use multiple tools and collaborate with advanced technical teams to transfer course content from one platform to the other.

2)SCORM helped LMS to integrate with eLearning content:

The significance of SCORM increases rapidly because to deliver the eLearning, you need a learning management system to read and run the course content. A learning management system can’t do much without quality content. SCORM helped to increase the synergies between these two. SCORM helped content and the tool to work together and provide a great learning experience to the users.

3)SCORM is used for eLearning integrations:

SCORM is mainly used for page-turner courses. This interface helps the user to move from one page to the other seamlessly without any issues. This includes flash content, videos, and other assessments. SCORM is also used to measure the progress of the user, their performance, and how they are interacting with the course.

4)You can create your own SCORM content:

Instead of buying the eLearning content all the time, you can try developing your own content. Some SCORM authoring tools like Lectora allow you to create the eLearning content in the way you would want to. Creating your own content will also help to align with the goals and objectives of the organization. You can develop your own content depending on the requirements specific to your employees too.

5)You can purchase the SCORM content:

Most of the organizations purchase SCORM content as it is a feasible option than developing their own content all by themselves. The major benefit of SCORM content is it is reusable so you can use the same content for years to come which is a great return on investment. You can consider purchasing the content for compliance topics like ISO because they are critical training areas. Many eLearning vendors provide SCORM compliant course content, you can purchase from them.

6)You don’t need to worry about the standard of SCORM:

If you are using SCORM compliant tools, then you don’t need to worry about the quality and standard at all. A good learning management system will integrate with SCORM seamlessly and you don’t need to worry about technical issues at all. All you need to do is export the content from the authoring tool and import it to your learning management system. This will help to create an amazing user experience for all your learners which will eventually have an impact on training results.


SCORM is an amazing development in the entire eLearning space. It made the content more accessible to everyone and helped to reuse the same content again and again. We hope through this article, you got to know some amazing facts about SCORM that you might have not known before.


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