5 Reasons project management is a top career choice in 2023

project management

Most successful corporate organisations operate like well-oiled machines where each team functions like an individual machine within the company. Companies are becoming multi-tiered and large operations are being broken down into smaller individual projects under capable project managers.

Project managers have a huge role in company operations today. They ensure that the projects in their charge are successfully completed and delivered within the assigned timelines and assume responsibility for them. With capable project managers in charge, the upper management can turn their focus to the organisation’s growth.

Becoming a project manager can therefore be a wise career choice by investing in suitable project management courses. Here are the top reasons why a project management career could be beneficial in 2021.

  1. Increasing demand for project managers in the corporate sphere

Owing to specialised operational models in most companies, organisations are always in search of capable project managers who can successfully execute projects of different sizes.

The Project Management Institute predicts 87.7 million project management roles globally by 2027. Another survey by the Ireland Chapter of PMI in 2017 reported that project management was list among the top professions facing shortage of skilled professionals. Also check for PMP Certification.

Thus, a project management background can help you tap into this high demand and establish a successful corporate career.

  1. High compensation for project management roles

Compared to their industry counterparts, project managers can earn a decent pay package if they have sufficient qualifications and experience. Globally, project managers are highly paid for their efforts especially in mid- to large-sized companies.

The trend is mirrored in Ireland as well. According to, an average project manager can earn up to € 60,000 per year in Dublin. posts higher annual salaries of around € 66,833 for project managers in Dublin.

  1. Wide spectrum of project management positions in the business domain

Project management has become a corporate staple in most industries with companies relying on project managers to complete their product deadlines. Therefore, a project management background can allow you to explore a plethora of managerial positions in different industries. found in 2018 that there were more than 6000 project management opportunities in Ireland alone. Some of the viable project management roles include planning managers, project managers, technical managers and construction managers.

  1. Opportunity to contribute towards the development of the corporate domain

The chance to make an impact on the organisation you work for is often one of the important USPs of a job. A project management role can allow you to contribute to company growth directly by taking ownership of company products and projects.

A project management background can also help you develop important managerial and transferable skills like leadership, product ownership and time management. These skills can be useful for all career paths should you wish to switch careers later. A project management background can also provide you with multiple chances of career progression.

Look for suitable project management courses today to get your management career off the ground.


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