Top Methods to Learn Algebraic Formulas

Algebraic Formulas

Algebra forms an integral part of mathematics. It is used in every aspect, from converting word problems to a mathematical expression to solving such an equation. Algebraic formulas are the key to solving these sums. However, the list of these formulas is quite long, and students find it hard to memorize and recall all of them during exams. This results in confusion and can work as a factor to lower their grades. In this article, we will discuss a few methods that can help you in the quest to get better at retaining formulas.

1. Understand the Basics

The first thing to do after you get introduced to a formula is to understand why it exists. You need first to build a robust mathematical foundation to understand the working of the formula before you can move on to applying it to a sum. This way, even if you forget the formula while giving an exam, you can quickly derive it as you understand the concept behind it. For example, if we consider the formula (a + b)2. You can visualize it as a square where each side’s length is given by a + b. Thus, such a square has been divided into four sections. We move on to finding the area of all the four sections given by a2, ab, ab, b2. We add all the terms to get the expansion as a2 + 2ab + b2. Hence, if you understand the reason and visual application of a formula, you will be able to memorize it in no time.

2. Concentration

To retain a formula, it is crucial for you to have intense focus and deep concentration so that it can get absorbed by your mind. Thus, you have to work on improving your concentration and motivation levels so that you can memorize complicated and lengthy formulas.

3. Stay Calm and Focused

Mathematics is a subject that has a lot of stigmas associated with it as children approach it with fear. However, if a child is relaxed, his comprehending power increases several-fold, and he can easily work on complex things. It also helps in maintaining a certain level of focus that is required to learn algebra.

4. Practice

Even if you understand the algebraic formula concepts, it is necessary for you to solve practice questions on the same so that you know how to apply the formula. You should not only regularly practice the formulas by listing them down, but you should also engage in attempting different types of sums with a gradually increasing level of difficulty. Repetition inevitably leads to memorization.

5. Minimize Reference

Many students believe that once they look at a formula, they will remember it. However, not everyone has a photographic memory. Hence, while solving a question, students should not look at a formula. Instead, he should try to recall it and then apply it to the question. Initially, he might not be able to do this; however, all formulas will be at his fingertips with practice.

6. Minimize Distractions

During the process of studying, a kid should not concentrate on other things. His primary focus should be on what he is learning. He can take short breaks in between to refresh his mind, but he should only be interested in what he is learning once he sits down to study.


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