Cloud-Based Security Brings Big Wins to Higher Education

Cloud-Based Security Brings Big Wins to Higher Education

As technology evolves and diversifies, outdated systems such as local storage devices become a thing of the past. Businesses are beginning to look for new ways to upgrade their storage, security and firewall options including software add-ons.

Certain industries have been quicker to upgrade than others such as educational facilities around the country—universities, community colleges, and other higher education organizations. With a collection of class offerings taking place both in person and online, many establishments were able to delay their digital adoption strategies.

The advent of COVID-19 changed everything, stranding thousands of students and stopping hundreds of educational programs in their tracks. Current statistics suggest more than 4,234 colleges and universities were forced to close their doors to both students and faculty. This change affected more than 25,798,790 students across all 50 states. Organizations that could not pivot to online learning were stuck until executive orders allowed for re-entry, while online schools pressed heavily into their virtual solutions.

Online programs were fraught with bugs, security loopholes, and phishing schemes. Per the Tech Republic, there were more than 3.5 million phishing attacks made on schools from June to September 2020. These schools were twice as likely as other organizations to be hit by scams such as BEC and experienced major losses and extortion. More than a thousand different higher education facilities were targeted. The Texas-based Manor Independent School District lost more than $2.3 million due to an email phishing campaign. Scott County Schools in Central Kentucky lost almost $4 million in wire fraud due to falsified records. In both cases, poor security was to blame.

As Principal for Higher Education at Cloudworks, Geoff Creaghan believes that cloud-based security is a viable answer to these problems and more important than ever. Creaghan has spent a large portion of his career helping educational programs of all formats revolutionize tech goals. “Institutions of higher learning sometimes miss the first part of the technology curve,” he stated recently in an interview. “They have limited time, resources, and budgets which makes it much harder to upgrade as time goes on. Realistically, cloud-based software is the best and most affordable type of security available for higher education participants, and transitioning is easier than most people believe. Not only is it the future, but it will be our students’ best defense against growing cyberattacks.”

As students begin returning to the classroom and engaging in online education, facilities around the country should be aware of options to combat increasing online security threats. Cloud-based security options are fast becoming some of the most trusted tech solutions in the industry, providing peace of mind for thousands of colleges, universities and more.

There are many reasons why cloud-based storage is the preferred choice for educational facilities around the country. From safer virtual meetings to better data storage, cloud-based security is bringing big wins to higher education.

1. Cloud-Based Security Is Extremely Affordable

According to top analysts, cloud-based security isn’t just more efficient but more cost-effective> as well. This can allow organizations to financially recover after the devastating effects of COVID-19 while also cutting the fat of extraneous expenses.

In addition, modernized cloud-based technology requires less personnel, fewer materials, and less extensive upgrades for optimal performance, thus saving thousands per year on cyclical expenses.

2. Cloud-Based Security Is Great for Physical Security

Cloud-based storage has another, far less understood ability—access control. By only granting access to authorized users in authorized areas, educational facilities can maintain their student-focused mission while protecting the best interests of faculty, staff, and other employees.

Cloud storage could also be used to house security footage and video surveillance, further improving its function in a campus setting.

3. Cloud-Based Security Is Great for Recovery

No one wants to see vital documents missing from their servers. Cloud-based security functions add a secondary, undetectable layer of security that can back up missing data and its origin.

Integral documents are housed in an online setting and backed up in multiple locations. Certain forms of technology, including Zerto Virtual Replication 6.0, store data with even fewer breach concerns.

4. Cloud-Based Security Is Asynchronous

Security solutions in cloud-based storage were built to address student communications around the clock. Without a need for frequent staffing or maintenance, online students can safely and securely submit information at any time.

5. Cloud-Based Security Is Better for Data Security

Experts in the field believe that new cloud technology is more efficient in protecting hard data than any other security option. Improper access leads to alerts, warning notifications, and immediate IT support.

The advantages of cloud-based security continue to grow, and thousands of organizations across the country are taking notice. As of 2018, almost 70% of higher education institutions transitioned to some form of cloud-based storage solution, while another 50% were in the process of implementing them. This number is expected to explode over the next few years, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Cloud-based security is one of the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective strategies on the market today. Now is the best time to get involved with cloud-based security for your educational organization.

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