Are Caribbean medical schools affordable compared to other medical schools?

Caribbean medical school

Medicine is among the notoriously expensive higher education in the world. With each passing year, the cost of pursuing medicine is burning a hole in the pockets of medical students or their guardians. The rising medical education cost forces students to be debt-laden in order to attend medical school. Lack of government medical colleges or universities is among the prime reason behind the skyrocketing medical course price. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), attending a government medical college for a year in the United States costs around USD 37,556. On the other hand, pursuing medicine in private medical school costs approx. USD 60,000 annually.

That’s not all. Both American and Canadian medical schools have increased tuition from the previous years. Fortunately, medical schools on the Caribbean Island are good in terms of cost. The Caribbean medical school cost is relatively affordable than other medical schools across the world. Besides this, the perks offered to medical students in the Caribbean are drawing prospective doctors from different parts of the world. Now, you must be wondering about the medical schools’ cost in the Caribbean. So, we will provide you an insight into the medical course cost at some top universities on the island.

How much does it cost to attend a medical college in the Caribbean?

Medical schools on the Caribbean Island believe in providing medical education at a very affordable price compared to other countries. Before introducing you to the course price, applicants must note that the tuition and fees in Caribbean medical schools are billed on a semester basis. Students in Basic Sciences program have to submit tuition and fees upon registration, but it should not be late than 15 days before the first day at the school. Delay in payment can lead to the cancellation of the applicant’s registration in the program. Simultaneously, students in the Clinical Sciences program have to submit tuition and fees before their registration and at least one month prior to the beginning of clinical rotations or semester.

Notably, tuition per semester for matriculants in the Basic Sciences program is USD 17,325 (before the May semester) and USD 19,950 (after the September semester). Similarly, matriculants in the Clinical Sciences program have to pay USD 22,150 (before the May semester) and USD 24,350 (after the September semester) tuition per semester. Besides this, matriculants are liable to pay specific refundable and non-refundable fees. This miscellaneous fee includes a Letter of Reference, malpractice insurance, transcript request, health insurance, lab fees, national board fee, graduation fee, information technology fee and administration fee.

The tuition and fees described in this blog are for your reference. Notably, the medical education cost in the Caribbean is subject to change. Medical applicants must perform plenty of research before choosing the best medical college in the Caribbean. In addition, medical applicants can also apply for a student loan in the Caribbean to lessen their burden. So, make a well-informed decision for a bright future.

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