Careers in law—All you need to know

Careers in law

Law as a profession in India is extremely lucrative and well-respected. As a Law graduate, you can choose from diverse employment options in the public and private sectors. You can also explore other financially rewarding legal careers, such as corporate legal consultants, public attorneys, or criminal lawyers.  


Today, the legal domain in India is specialised and can be categorised into different specialities like corporate law, tort, insurance law, criminal law, and pro-bono legal work. Each legal domain requires expertise in specific legal knowledge and regulations. Hence, it can be wise to choose an appropriate legal specialisation when you enrol into an LLB programme.  


Read this blog to learn more about various law careers available in India that are available to you as an LLB course graduate.


Environmental lawyers 


With global warming on the rise and increased awareness about environmental protection, many countries, including India, have passed the strict environment-friendly legislature. Environmental lawyers understand the country’s environmental policies and help corporations make the necessary changes.  


Environmental lawyers are also tasked with calling out policy violators and pursuing legal action against them on behalf of a state or individual clients. Environmental law careers include environmental safety managers and compliance consultants.


Civil lawyers 


Civil lawyers deal with a wide range of issues related to the fundamental rights of the citizens in a country. This can include public breach of contracts, wills, property delegations or disputes, private rights to various belongings, guardianship, or marriage matters.  


A career in civil law requires a thorough understanding of the societal customs, written and unwritten rules that prevail in the country. A few career options in this field include human rights lawyers, policy analysis consultants and civil rights commission lawyers.  


Criminal lawyers 


You might be already familiar with courtroom drama between criminal lawyers if you have watched TV shows or movies. Criminal law is one of the most exciting domains to work and can ensure many intense moments.  


Criminal lawyers are hired to protect someone from criminal charges or prosecute someone on different criminal charges, including murder, attempt-to-murder, or kidnappings. Criminal lawyers have to do a lot of investigative research and be well-versed in forensic tests, findings and cross-examinations.  


A few other interesting career roles in criminal law include criminal defence lawyers, public defenders, and public prosecutors.  


Taxation and corporate lawyers 


Specialisation in tax and corporate law can help you gain relevant expertise in the Indian corporate structure and taxation systems. Tax and corporate lawyers are hired by corporate entities to deal with issues regarding estate taxes, corporate taxes, acquisition and sale of companies and franchises. In addition, they draw up business contracts for various company transactions.  


Most corporate or tax lawyers join corporate law firms which have large business organisations as clients. They then either work up the ladder and rise to partner positions or start their firms.  


Apart from these specialisations, you can explore other legal fields like maritime law, international law, family law, and labour law.  


Choosing an appropriate specialisation for your legal education from a reputed university can ensure excellence in your legal career in the future. Invest in a good legal programme to become a successful lawyer in the future.

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