11 Essential Apps All Nursing Students Need

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Technology is helping nurses at all levels, including at university, especially those that are getting their degree online like a Bachelor of Science in Nursing | UTA. In particular, mobile apps can help nursing students carry out tasks easier than ever before. There is an app for everything from communication, medical management, decision-making, and revision. Considering there are thousands of apps out there, it can be difficult to know which ones to use for your studies. Throughout this article, we will help you narrow down the field by telling you which apps every student nurse needs in their arsenal.


Nursing students can benefit from Forest because its sole purpose is to help improve focus and productivity. The app is user-friendly and is fantastic for time management. In a fun game, students can plant a virtual seed of productivity. If tasks are completed on time the seed will grow, but it will wither if you’re off task. For every tree grown successfully, Forest will plant a real tree. This tool is the perfect companion to students of online accelerated BSN programs with Baylor University. All mobile users can access this app, which only costs $1.99 for lifetime access.


Administering care to pregnant people requires knowledge of which medications are deemed safe. LactMed is a great reference tool for nurses to cross-reference medications against the National Centre for Biotechnology website, which will make sure mother and baby stay safe. When medication doesn’t have information regarding pregnant women, LactMed fills the void. This resource is completely free and available to any mobile user.

Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker is helpful for nursing students who need to navigate through higher-paid roles. The app is user-friendly and lets users track their expenditure across weeks, months, and years. Spending will be categorized to let users learn how to make their money last. Budgeting effectively when transitioning to higher-paying roles is essential for living a healthier lifestyle. iOS and Android users can both benefit from this app, and lifetime access is only $2.99.


Nursing is a stressful field that has one of the highest burnout rates. Fortunately, Headspace can help nurses to improve their mental wellbeing. Nurses can learn techniques for a better night’s sleep, stress-relieving tactics, and coping strategies for sadness. When nurses’ mental wellbeing is positive, they can provide greater levels of care to their patients. The basic app is completely free, but you will need to pay extra to access extra tools.


Epocrates is a powerful information center for medical practitioners that provides information on dosages, safety, and interactions. Users will also have access to Covid-19 resources, medical news, pill identifiers, educational videos across all specialties, podcasts, and continuing education credits. The interface is friendly, and comprehension is accessible extremely quickly. Epocrates offers a wealth of information to users across iOS and Android, which is accessible through a tiered subscription structure from free to $16.99.

Gahart’s IV Medications Handbook

Nurses need to know how to hold an advanced knowledge of intravenous medications as well as how to administer them. However, there are over 400 IV drugs, which is an impossible number to memorize. Fortunately, Gahart’s IV Medications Handbook comes to the rescue. This app has an enormous index detailing dosing instructions for all IV drugs. Access to this wealth of knowledge ranges from $25.99 to $49.99 depending on what you need to know. If you choose to use the free version of this app, only 10% of the information will be available.


MDCalc, which was created by board-certified physicians, is a dedicated tool for pharmacists, nurses, assistants, and medical students. There are more than 270 decision-making tools loaded into the app, including risk scores, equations, algorithms, dosing calculators, and classifications. The homepage can be modified to include users’ most-accessed tools, which include ventilator settings, Richmond Agitation and Scale Score, and the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale. This app is completely free and available to users on iOS and android.

Pedi QuickCalc

This award-winning pediatric tool is a fantastic tool for anyone in the field. The mobile app gives access to weight-based information including intravenous fluids, medical doses, and conversions. As well as this, there are advanced features that provide body mass index (BMI) information correlated to age, growth charts, and bilirubin evaluations. Every student nurse will be able to calculate a large number of advanced formulas at the palm of their hand. Unfortunately, despite having a low cost of $4.99, this app is only available to iOS users.


For nurses in the pediatric field, Pedi STAT offers an incredible reference tool for providing critical care. This app will provide access to hypoglycemia management, medication dosing based on weight, allergy and anaphylaxis management tools, and information on cardiac resuscitation information for children. This tool will help nursing students and other professionals to check for clinical errors in given orders. There is an app available on both Android and iOS, both with a cost of only $4.99.


UpToDate’s usefulness in the medical field has been proven effective by over 30 research studies. Designed specifically for nurses, this app contains a wealth of information on the most effective treatment plans. The app can be used to educate patients through evidence-based information that can be sent via email; this app is a powerful tool in the world of telehealth. Access to UpToDate is completely free but you will need to subscribe; Android and iOS users can use this app.

Med Mnemonics

This app does exactly what it says – presenting medical knowledge in exciting mnemonics. The app is packed with 1900+ mnemonics to help nursing students memorize critical information. If you have a mnemonic of your own, you can add it to the database. This useful study aid can be accessed for only $1.99 by any mobile user.

Mobile apps are essential tools for nurses and greatly reduce the risk of errors in diagnosis. Having access to an extensive medical knowledge base alleviates pressure and allows student nurses to learn more efficiently. Explore these apps and find out what works for you, the minimal cost is worth it to offer a greater level of care.

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