5 Most Popular Scholarships for Women

5 Most Popular Scholarships for Women

In the last few years, there have been many efforts to truly empower women. Due to which today womens have been able to stand on their feet and become empowered, due to which their confidence has also increased, getting women their rights is an important subject. But to achieve such results, we need to provide better education to women.

Because education plays an important role in the empowerment of womens and in their future success. But it is not so easy to get good education nowadays, it requires a lot of money which not everyone can afford but fortunately, many organizations provide scholarships to young womens all over the world to get a better education. So let me tell you about some of the popular scholarship programs. Let’s have a look.

Nancy Etz Scholarship Program.

Nancy Etz Scholarship program gives financial aid to those students who are studied as full-time graduate or undergraduate students in a university located in the USA. This scholarship program motivates those female students who have been performed outstandingly during their academic year to pursue their higher studies to study more efficiently to achieve their goals without any barrier.

Margaret McNamara Scholarship program.

This scholarship will be given to those female students who are studied in the universities of the United States, Canada. Therefore, if you are living or studying in the USA or Canada then you must apply to this Scholarship Program as it will help you to pay your college fees. The scholarship amount or the time limit to apply for the scholarship will differ according to the country where you live.

American Women’s University Association (AAUW)

They provide seven different kinds of scholarships to financially aid female students, therefore if you want to study in any university in the US then you can apply for US Scholarship, on the other hand, if you are interested to apply for any Professional Scholarship then you can easily apply for it. However, there is one disadvantage of this scholarship program that the student can only apply to this scholarship if they are studying in the universities of the USA.

Army Women Foundation Scholarship Program.

They provide various kinds of scholarships to both past and present female soldiers. However, the amount of the Scholarship or the deadlines to apply for it might be changing as per the situation. Therefore, if you are a female soldier or have been retired from the post and need financial aid then you can apply for this scholarship program.

Star scholarship program.

This scholarship is especially given to the last year students who are studied in the universities of USA or Canada. The time limit to apply for this scholarship program will be held between September and November. Hence if you are an American or Canadian student then you must apply for this scholarship program as it helps provides you the financial aid to fulfill your needs during your studies.


Hope you enjoy this article and get all the details regarding some of the popular scholarship programs. If you think you’re eligible to apply for one of these scholarship programs then you can simply apply for it as it will make you financially strong during your academic year and will enable you to achieve your goal.

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