What is Python New Line and Ways to Python Print Without a Newline

python new line

Do you know what the use of python new line is? Python newline characters are used to indicate the end of a line and the beginning of a new line. It is important to know how to use it if you want to output the output to the console and work with the file.

In this article, you will learn the following how to identify a newline character in Python, how to use newline characters in strings and print statements.  How to write a print statement that does not add a newline character to the end of the string.  Let’s get started!

  Newline character

The newline characters in Python are:

New Line Character

It consists of two characters:

  • Backslash
  • The letter n.


If you see this character in the string, it means that the current line ends at this point and a new line starts shortly thereafter.

New Line N

You can also use this character in fstrings:

>>> print (f "Hello \ nWorld!")

   A print statement newline character

By default, the print statement adds a new “behind-the-scenes” line character to the end of the string.


New Line print

This happens for the following reasons according to the Python documentation:

The default value of the end parameter of the built-in print function is \ n, so a newline character is added to the string.

Tip: Add means “add at the end”.

This is the definition of the function. Did you see what the value of the end is? It is of

New Line end

is \ n. Therefore, this is added to the end of the string.

If you use only one print statement, you won’t notice because only one line is printed.

New Line hello

However, if you use multiple print statements per line in your Python script:

New Line world

\ n has been added, so output Will be on separate lines “Behind the scenes” at the end of each line:

New Line hello world

How to Print without line breaks

This default behaviour can be changed by adjusting the value of the end parameter of the print function.

If you use the default value in this example:

New Line hello and world

The output will be displayed in 2 lines:

New Line hello and world1

However, if you adjust the value of the end, (end and set it to " ")a space will be added at the end of the string.

New Line hello and world11

You can add a newline character \ n so that the output of two print statements is displayed on the same line:

New Line hello and world2

You can use this to print a sequence of values ​​on one line, as in the following example:

New Line hello and world22

The output is:

New Line hello and world3

Tip: Add a conditional statement to prevent the comma from being added to the last digit in the sequence.

Similar to iterable values ​​can be printed on the same line:

New Line hello and world333

Output is:

New Line hello and world1234

 File line feed character

The newline character \ n is also in the file, but it is “hidden”. When a new line appears in the text file, the newline character \ n is inserted.

New Line hello and world12345

You can check this by reading the file with <file>.readlines(), like this:

with open("names.txt", "r") as f:

The output is:

New Line hello and world12

As you can see, the first three lines of the text file end with a newline \ n characters that work “behind the scenes”.

Tip: Note that only the last line of the file does not end with a newline.


The newline character in Python is \ n. This is used to indicate the end of a line of text.  You can print a string without adding a line break with end =.

Thus, this is the character used to separate the lines.  We hope you loved reading this article and found it of some use. Now you’re ready to work with newline characters in Python. You can always contact us in case of any other doubts on our website.

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