Why Plastic Packaging Is Used

Why Plastic Packaging Is Used

There are a number of reasons as to why plastic packaging, such as folded plastic cartons, is used for so many different products in our everyday lives. These include the following:


  • Transportation – due to the properties of plastic, products that are packaged in plastic can be transported over long distances, meaning that no matter where you are based, you can have access to a range of different products that were not produced locally to where you are. Because it allows for products to be stacked, it also saves space, thus allowing the products to be transported in a much more efficient way.
  • Protection – those products that are particularly vulnerable to being damaged whilst in transit, or to being damaged or contaminated by light, insects, microorganisms, gases, humidity, and moisture are all protected whilst in plastic packaging.
  • Displaying information – essential details about the product, such as ingredients or warnings can be easily put onto plastic packaging, thus providing consumers with all of the information that they need in order to be able to make an informed purchase.
  • Preventing waste – because plastic packaging works to keep products together and avoid spillages, it stops waste from happening. This helps the manufacturers of these products in being more sustainable.
  • Preservation – being kept in plastic packaging helps to preserve some certain products so that they last longer, thus reducing waste as consumers are given more time to either consume or use the product prior to it going past its shelf life.

In order for any plastic packaging to be deemed fit for purpose, it must both preserve and protect. It is able to perform these things well, along with several other things, for society, as well as for suppliers and consumers. What plastic packaging is, is…

  • Recyclable – plastic packaging can be used time and time again in order to create either new forms of packaging or new products altogether. This is more true now than ever before given the fact that a greater number of people nowadays are actively recycling these types of materials within their home.
  • Hygienic – with plastic packaging stopping products from becoming contaminated, it is deemed to be very hygienic. This makes it the ideal choice for packaging products that need to be kept clean and sterile, such as medical components and devices. 
  • Safe – because plastic packaging is shatter resistant, it does not break into pieces whenever it is knocked over or dropped. This makes the material highly beneficial for use in some certain environments like those ones where children are present or in bathrooms.
  • Versatile – plastic packaging can be shaped and transformed in numerous different ways. For instance, it can be thermomoulded, injected, or blown into the desired shape of the product packaging. As a result of this versatility, the material can be used for the purpose of packaging sauces and pastes. Additionally, colours and decorative effects can be added to it in order to make the plastic packaging more attractive to consumers.

Other things that plastic packaging is, is durable, secure, light weight, and resource efficient.

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