Cleanliness is next to godliness. Therefore, it is important to prioritize cleanliness in any restaurant, hotel, school, healthcare facility, or home. All staff, guests, or residents should have a way to wash and sanitize their hands effectively. Soap dispensers are unsung heroes of any restroom as they prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Types of soap dispenser

#1. Manual soap dispenser:

Manual dispensers do not require battery changes and tend to need less maintenance than automatic dispensers. They have a traditional look and allow each user to control how much soap is dispensed into their hands.

Manual soap dispensers comes in various forms, including Bag-in-box, cartridge, foaming, refillable, and counter-mount.

  • Bag-in-box: is great for high-traffic restrooms and kitchens. It is collapsible and fully utilizes inner-dispenser space. It is designed for quick and convenient use and refills liquid soap.
  • Cartridge: is ideal for hospitals and healthcare organizations. its different cartridges allow for the multipurpose option to refill liquid soap, sanitizer, and shampoo at the same time. You can find it in restrooms, kitchens, and showers.
  • Foaming: this type of manual dispenser is ideal for hotel and restaurant restrooms. It is a high-end option luxurious foam feel unit. It consistently dispenses thin soap so it doesn’t clog drains. Available refills include foaming soap and sanitizer.
  • Refillable: is great for locker rooms, kitchens, and industrial work sites. It is economical and allows for large refills with low maintenance. No inner refill casing and can be prone to spill and messes.
  • Counter Mount:This is designed for kitchen or restroom countertops. Ensure easy access to soap and refills bulk liquid soap and foaming soap.

#2. Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic dispensers help maintain cleanliness in your facility by reducing cross-contamination between users. They are touchless, hence reducing the spread f bacteria, germs, and illnesses. They have a more modern look and are great additions to kitchens and restrooms.

The types of automatic soap dispensers are wall and counter mount.

  • Wall: are great for high-traffic restrooms and kitchens with a high-end option. It is motion-activated and dispenses perfectly controlled refills portions. Many wall dispensers have indicator lights that give helpful notices. They are battery-operated. The available refills for wall dispensers are bulk liquid soap and bulk foaming soap.
  • Counter Mount: designed for kitchen or restroom countertops. It ensures easy user access to soap. Counter Mount automatic soap dispensers are motion-activated and dispense refills in controlled portions. They are battery-operated and have indicator lights.

Why do people use a soap dispenser?

Let us look at five reasons why people use soap dispensers in their homes and facilities.

  • Bar Soap is messy

When in use by several people, bar soap leaves a messy and slimy heap behind that grosses everyone out. It is a sore sight for clients and unhealthy even for employees, especially if they have to handle food. Millions of germs and bacteria can live comfortably in the ugly heap of communal soap bars. People with weak immune systems are particularly at risk of catching infections from hand washing methods. A no-touch soap dispenser lowers the risk of infection and serves as a more hygienic option for organizations.

  • Money-saving

Using soap dispensers saves you money as you do not have to buy soap bottles every other time. Also, the soap dispenser delivers controlled portions of soap every time, managing your resources for you.

  • Convenience

Having soap dispensers installed in strategic places in your homes and facilities allows you easy access to soap. It is super easy for you to wash your dish, pots, pans, and hands at the earliest convenience.

  • Reduces post-toilet touchpoints

The fewer the items you touch between the restroom toilet and the outside world, the better. Sadly, bar soap and older non-functional dispensers are obvious places where germs can congregate. Moyo Natural Lab’s touch-free soap dispensers remove at least one of these touchpoints. We have dispensers that dispense cleaning soap simply by sensing the presence of hands beneath the machine.

  • Soap dispensers are cleaner.

Not only do bar soaps leave undesirable heaps behind, but they also leave streaks and rings of crusty soap scum all over sinks and counters.

These scums are prime breeding grounds for germs. It looks nasty, and your cleaning staff would not have an easy job scrubbing them away every day. The soap dispenses use thick liquid soap that does not leave any gross residue on the sink afterward, making it a great choice for everyone.

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