Which Area of San Francisco is Best to Advertise In?


There are many areas and neighborhoods in San Francisco, so you might not know which locations are best for your next ad campaign. If you want to start marketing with SF billboards, we can help you determine which areas of the city are best for you! What is each neighborhood likely to be interested in? Should you prioritize your budget for SF billboards in certain areas rather than others?

If you’re looking for assistance, we have the insights necessary to keep you informed and move you along in the decision process. SF billboards can be a fantastic asset if you’re trying to improve your brand and company awareness, you’d like to introduce your unique product or service to a niche audience, and you are interested in boosting your conversions. If that sounds good to you, please continue reading! We’re about to break down the differences between each area in SF and which one is best for your next ad campaign.

Advertise in Portola

We recommend researching the Portola area if you want to invest in SF billboards. There are many small businesses in this area, including several bakeries, grocery stores, pharmacies, and more. This is also home to a growing Asian population, making it easy to discern whether this fits in with your ideal target demographic or not.

Place Billboards in Rincon Hill or “The East Cut”

An up-and-coming area, you should try posting SF billboards in Rincon Hill. Also called “The East Cut” by some, Rincon Hill is slowly attempting to become more pedestrian-oriented. It can carry a high density and has been purposed for mixed-use, meaning people from all walks of life are likely to come into the area.

Rincon Hill is also one of the premier residential spots in San Francisco, featuring several luxury buildings and is conveniently located close to the water. New residents are clamoring for spots in this newly developed area, especially those small families with young children. This neighborhood is home to the Bay Bridge and many green spaces and public parks.

Research Oceanview

Are you interested in advertising to a large and highly diverse population? Oceanview is home to approximately 45,000, making this an excellent location for your next marketing campaign. This is especially the case if you consider the different demographics that are covered in this diverse and unique area. Fifty-two percent of the population identifies as Asian, which is saying something. The population is also 10 percent Black, 23 percent Latino, and 12 percent White.

If your products or services can serve every person equally, this is not a bad place to start marketing. You’re gaining access to an extremely historic and diverse population by investing in this area. Make no mistakes, and start researching your prospects in Oceanview.

University Mound has Potential

We also recommend looking into University Mound. This area is so-named because it was once considered for a university, but there isn’t a college in this neighborhood. Instead, the streets are named after universities and educators of this mainly residential neighborhood.

This is also an immensely diverse neighborhood, and it’s called home by numerous kids and families. There are also a couple of high schools here, meaning you can gain access to a younger demographic, as well as parents who commute into the area to take their children to school.

Marketing in Sunnyside

Another strong option on this list is the area of Sunnyside. This is home to the City College of San Francisco, and it’s the largest city community college in all of the United States. This location also has access to the BART and MUNI transportation services, allowing you to gain the attention of commuters who use public transportation.

There are also state-of-the-art sports facilities, small businesses, restaurants, and cafes serving residents and visitors to the lovely neighborhood. There’s also a recreation center, children’s play area, dog park, and a handful of community meeting spaces. The neighborhood is relatively diverse and serves a largely middle- to upper-middle-class population.

Target Bernal Heights

If you’re interested in targeting a more progressive crowd with your products and services, you may want to research the Bernal Heights neighborhood and some of the surrounding areas. This area is well-known for its community feeling and friendly atmosphere.

While the neighborhood is primarily white, there are still significant populations of Southern Italian, Latino, and Black individuals in Bernal Heights. This is a fantastic place to consider for your next SF billboards campaign, especially if you consider the storefronts that receive significant traffic. These include a health food store, community center, bars, bakeries, restaurants, and a yoga studio.


There are numerous interesting neighborhoods in SF, meaning there’s plenty of potential for your next ad campaign. SF billboards are a great way to boost your business and sales and build brand awareness across the city. While many neighborhoods have large populations, we hope you have luck finding the perfect neighborhood for you to target your ideal demographic.

If you need help selecting locations for your next marketing plans in SF, we hope you found our suggestions helpful. The planning process is always complicated, and choosing the correct locations takes significant caution and strategy. We wish you luck in meeting your marketing goals.

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